The individual liberty of Americans is best and most critically defended with the spoken and written word. American sovereignty is a peculiar right American citizens enjoy. Not sovereignty above our shared laws, but that sovereignty that is a platform of liberty to empower oneself through means of the best education possible.

When such education is not attainable, Americans are left without sophisticated intellectual tools of smart observation, creative thinking, responsible conversation, and the analytical mind to construct and deconstruct perspectives and thoughts. This is happening in America, and it has created a valley filled with a citizenry trained into choosing entertainment for its own self only, instead of a smart citizenry of responsible, law-abiding American sovereigns, not only ready to defend our liberties, but actively on the watch in search of wherein these freedoms are being challenged.

Before we were a nation, the land was a place of refuge for English settlers seeking to be able to freely worship God. Soon, others arrived in the ‘new world,’ with the idea of making a fresh start in life. It was a land of freedom and opportunity. Colonies were established in the 1600s, governors were appointed, villages were created, and an American character began to be built based on a very healthy respect for the Word of God. An entrepreneurial spirit, an innovative mindset, and a penchant for being industrious as a whole became synonymous with the ‘American spirit.’ In time, sovereign Americans fought and attained the freedom to self-govern and began to face the need to be a people who treated all fairly. The country had two stumbling blocks poignantly placed before it by non other than a former slave, Frederick Douglass; risen from the whiplash and the darkness of intellectual ignorance:

The first charged that true Christianity was peaceable, loving and kind, a fountain of fairness and liberty to all without regard to race or gender, and that the Christianity of the slave owning southern plantations was a drawback of half-measures falling upon the sin of slavery.

The second put forth that the United States government and its people were both purposefully allowing a financial system to be leveraged upon the unpaid labor of a distinct people based on the color of their skin, and that these same oppressed people were being willfully deprived of an education with the purpose of keeping them in intellectual ignorance regarding their loss of personal liberty.

The slavery of people of black skin color was ended in 1865, quickly followed up with the all men, white and black having the right to vote. In 1920, women increased their entrance into being complete citizens with having their basic human rights recognized, including the right to vote, own land, and to be educated in schools.

America has historically been a Christian nation. This heritage, based on a love for the Word of God, also known as the perfect law of liberty, is the very path that has given hospitality to immigrants from every land, religion, and cultural view point in our planet. The focus on being faithful to lovingkindness and forgiveness are resolutely Christian doctrines with tremendous universal appeal. It is this inward and outward life perspective that makes America such a great place to live in for all people.

But now we have two more stumbling blocks placed firmly before the American populace, which left unchecked, threaten to upend the Christian foundation of our Constitutional Republic. At the time of this writing, about 60 million humans in-formation, have been slaughtered in the womb since abortion was constitutionally legalized in 1974. The official daily death rate in America is 3,000 children/ day. This does not tally all the humanity killed with chemical abortions from abortion pills woman consume on their own.

The two stumbling blocks:

The slaughter of humans in the womb is a direct confrontation to our founding Christian doctrines. Abortion is an affront against the Christian heritage of sustaining a society that is based on the patient, loving and kind, merciful, and peaceable Word of God. It is a murder of human life predicated on the premise that a woman is not free unless she can have the additional and exclusive right to end the life of the child in the womb.

Secondly, the federal government was created to protect and defend Americans, and it has become a state sponsor of death, more than 3,000 times/ day. The continuation of its sponsorship is now monetarily chained to a government that gives $500 million/ year to the abortion industry which in turn uses millions of dollars to sustain political representation in the federal government through the sustaining of marketing that promotes and selects public office holders in government. The depth of the abortion industry’s conglomerate hold on American society extends beyond government office acquisition with a firm grasp on corporate media publications, academic institutions, and the entertainment industry.

Immediate action is required to outflank the current balance of power. A Republican/ Democrat union of pro life Americans would create a new momentum of political unity in our country, laying the road for further collaboration in government on key agendas important to all. As it is, the Democrat political party places abortion as a litmus test for its public office holders. This is not the Democrat party, but a divisive species that is itself the abortion industry, and it needs to be surgically removed from our society before we can continue to work together on the important work that needs to get done. The Democrat leadership of 2020 are but mere tactical entities picked and placed to be public office holders by corporatized abortion. They will not work with America. They do not understand, nor can they understand the value of maintaining the peaceable Christian foundation.

The darkness does not comprehend the light.

As it is according to the faithfulness of our walk with God in following his gentle commandments, blessings enter our life. Our pace and adherence to living the loving and kind Word brings us into the light of His style of wisdom and understanding. As we move away from such precepts as being loving and caring for others just as we would like to be loved and cared for, the blessings diminish accordingly to that degree. The Lords Word is a path of light wherein only in walking it their is wisdom and understanding. Again, we turn off this path, and even our own understanding of the benefit and value of walking within it is diminished in us. Our recollection, our very memory of this light, takes on the beginning of a darkness. We return to the path, and the blessings of His Light return.

There where two men crucified along with the Lord Jesus Christ on the mountain of Golgotha. One was a son of God. He who is called Faithful and Truth, informed that they would be together in paradise. Yet, that man, even as a son of God, did not walk in alignment with the joy and thankfulness, the peace and righteousness that is the inheritance of all humanity. So it is, he did not enjoy the complete blessings of walking in the Light.

Born again or not, anyone can enjoy the temporal blessings of peacefulness, love in the heart, a calm mind, patience in the soul, and a clear moral compass, if we walk in the blessed path of His gentle servant leadership.

God bless America.



Dad, Special Educator, Political Scientist, Writer. Instagram & YouTube: @CoachBill007

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Dad, Special Educator, Political Scientist, Writer. Instagram & YouTube: @CoachBill007