The ancient spirit of this nation? How would you know? From where would the answer show itself to you? In what profundities of your heart, your mind, and your soul, would the answer to such a question be brought forth?

Can a nation have such a purpose from something so ephemeral as ‘spirit?’

We only have to open the books that we have not been taught and read the words of champions we never knew. The words of ordinary men and women who became extraordinary sentinels — of liberty —

What is that ancient spirit of America, my friend? Because you will not find it in the multiple choice questions of your history test, nor will the public school change course and settle into bringing Abraham Lincoln’s writings to life; giving it wings; allowing his sharp, cool, precise intellect to reach the mind of the ordinary; that a thousand sentinels of liberty be born; that an American may find the spirit of a nation from the pages of sacrifice and toil; from the pages of perseverance and straight-forward service unto others. The applying of intellect; the restraining and organization of passion; that it do service unto a national American spirit that we never knew; that we can all agree on; that is plain to read and understand; promising liberty and justice as long as the ordinary agrees to defend it upon the rocks at the turn of each generation.

Wherein can this ancient doctrine of natural liberty abound? It is continuously being affronted with the same narrow, special interest: that humanity can be enslaved in some form at the behest of one person and a second person, nor government can intervene and say otherwise. It is the march of temporary gain that seeks to outsmart the peace and intellect of our sacred rights: that we are all created equal; that we have this right to life; a right to liberty, and to have a government for us, of us, to protect, and not destroy us, or these sacred, fundamental, unalienable, God-endowed rights.

So it is — that the ardor of our intellect is dampened for lack of the right education; that we may be free. The ardor of what should be an election of constitutional republicans; dampened because they prioritize maintaining government position rather than be altruist and bold.

So it is — that our determination for protecting these sacred rights finds no place to be strengthened and given place within our soul; within our heart; within our mind.

From where then? From where will justice be served? Who will go for us, if we do not go ourselves? We recognize not the battle before us; we scoff at the idea that there is such a battle; we are distracted, and we are diverted onto our own self-interests.

I do understand now that the common liberty has to be defended. I understand that 2,500 children are mercilessly, coldly, killed in the womb and outside the womb before they have ‘wherewithal.’ I understand that many are called to defend and few will show up. I understand that it is a moral and spiritual battle for the spirit of the nation, — for the correct understanding of our sacred rights as written and proclaimed on the parchment of our Declaration of Independence.

I have found Abraham Lincoln. I have found Frederick Douglass. I have found John Quincy Adams, his mother Abigail, and his beloved father, John. I have found George Washington and Martin Luther King. I have found the early work of Attorney Thurgood Marshall, and the gentleness of George Washington Carver. I have found Benjamin Banneker, and the last words of Thomas Jefferson.

I have found the spirit of America —

It is forged in the fire of individual liberty.

I have found the spirit of our nation.

It is not in the welfare offering of the government.

You can find it in the regard to the welfare of one ordinary American unto another.

I have found the spirit of America.

It is in the strength of Frederick Douglass as he held onto his seat on the train. He trusted that promise of life and liberty with the right to be happy; seeing that it was not so with the government, he worked to align it unto that Declaration; that spirit of 1776.

Why does the faction that controls the Democrat Party not strengthen the promise of the Declaration of Independence? Why do they condescend to teach ‘racial awareness,” instead of going for union of spirit? Simply teach constitutional rights. Instruct the youth to read the writings of Abraham Lincoln.

They cannot leave it at that. They have plans for us. Saving George Washington is not part of it. Championing John and Abigail Adams is not part of it. Saving the unborn is not part of it. Teaching the tremendous intellect of Lincoln is not part of it. They cannot simply let the power of the government to print money and direct educational curriculum be about championing the ordinary American as the director of their own extraordinariness. That would cut out the manipulation of government as the director of social engineering.

They purpose to instrumentalize government to engineer how we should think about how we relate to one another and to the sanctity of life itself, instead of simply supporting the people to be the source of greatness for the United States of America. Consider how the faction that controls the Democrat Party simply foreclosed discussion on changing the educational curriculum. Did we as a nation speak about it for a length of time and arrive at some middle ground? No. As soon as the current presidency and majority congress took control, a focus on racial awareness, and not constitutional rights was put into effect.

The result is division because the awareness of our constitutional rights renders the defense of liberty and ultimately a happy people, whereas the conditioning of our children unto an awareness of racial differences will create sectionalism (division).

Critical race theory, or the teaching of present and historical racial disparity in the context that people of white skin color have been the aggressors is not a necessary step to teach & bring peace upon the people. Instructing in the awareness of our constitutional rights is. Love and respect for the Declaration of Independence brings about a sense of national community: it is in the agreement to the shared ideas of the right to life, liberty, to have a government for the protection of these rights, that ultimately we be a happy people — that makes the union of a national community.

We need not add anything else to that Declaration of Independence. Simply teach a solemn respect for those ideas and let the people flourish.



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