Abraham Lincoln understood that the institution of slavery was a direct challenge to the words of our Declaration of Independence, and seeing them being hollowed, he, of the champion intellectuals of his age, next to John Quincy Adams and Frederick Douglass, understood the call in his heart and mind to be selfless in the cause of liberty; being unspotted in his good work to lay claim upon that first promissory note that became the initial document for the defense of individual liberty; his completed works rendering proof of justice to the spirit of 1776; placing the citizens as co-sovereigns and in charge of the government. He looked unto the final works of those Continental Congressional delegates, and studied his way from there, seeing that America would not last long if it was divided on the issue of freedom for all.

Astounding individual that he was, Abraham Lincoln’s genuine humility connected him to the people, and his smart, logical approach morphed him into an altruist critical thinker, creating an astute defender of the fundamental ideas the United States was founded on. Now — being careful to maintain selflessness, less his detractors claim victory over him in the name of self-interest, Lincoln threw himself forward with all might, strength, and faith in our shared constitutional documents, unto preserving America as the only nation on Earth claiming individual natural right to life & liberty, that in the prioritization of protecting these natural rights, the people be happy. Our government, originally intended to be ‘of us and for us,’ being tasked foremost with the basic protection of the people from foreign and domestic threat, was/ is to be an instrument of the people, and never a condescending institution directly pressuring for literal division of our national community.

Since the onset of our early government, John Adams remarked of the prevalence of self-interest in government and wondered what was to become of the nation in the following generations unless defending champions of liberty would CARE enough to arise up in a concerted sufficient effort to protect the ideas of the Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights, that we be that national community, wherein we, Americans of all ethnicities, skin colors, religions, creeds, and politics, could stand shoulder to shoulder, without animosity or discord.

In the 21st century, those selfless defending champions are required in each generation, (may we be blessed), that there be continuity of liberty, creating the required justice that the people be happy. And so, as the sanctity of human life was in the 19th century the focal point of contention of what was the true and right application of that straightforward understanding of the Declaration of 1776, so it is that once more, America has reached a moment wherein its founding ideas are being disregarded at the expense of unborn children being killed. Three thousand children are dismembered, burned, and decapitated every day in America, and 100,000 across the world. Now, I apologize for those shocking words..friend. It is a harshness not easy to stomach, but the continuity for America to continue all free or a land where some individuals have the legal permission to kill the child in the womb literally banks against the preservation and legal respect of our natural rights as stated in our Constitution.

Should we be a people who allow some of us to have the right to kill some of us? Should we kill our children…my friend?

If we are a people who are ready to stand for the defense of that promissory note called the Declaration of Independence, therein honoring the sacrifice of all those men and women who have carried the burden that that price of liberty exacts, then let us stand with our hearts and minds ready and willing to take up our duty to be those selfless critical thinkers, not placing the strategy and priority of political party before the life of our children, but unifying as one nation unto the defense of that sacred promise and spirit of 1776.

Call forth the Democrat and the Republican, the Christian, the Hindu, the Muslim, and the atheist to be ‘national,’ finding common ground of thought in our constitutional works, and from that solidarity answering that call of mind and heart; sending a clear message to our Supreme Court that they are to apply those constitutional words and ideas that have been erroneously misconstrued to bind us as Americans unto the abortion industry:

  1. That the government prohibit our taxes from funding human abortion.

We cannot be spectators, but must rally from our positions as individuals to understand that we do not have to destroy the humanity in the womb in order to be happy or financially prosperous. In fact, we sear and numb our hearts and distort our personality, becoming apathetic and our society warped in its understanding of its foundation as the deaths increase past 100 million each year in the world, (1 million in America).

This is about defending life, liberty, being truly happy, being loving, caring, and saving our nation with its original spirit; the United States of America: the light of the world.

How will Republican pro life congressional leaders welcome the few Democrat pro life congressional leaders in our Congress? Will Republicans claim a pro life position and yet ignore the few Democrats who are also for the preservation of our union? If so, these Republicans must ask themselves what their priorities are. Will they place party before life? Who will reach across the congressional aisle and begin a coalition for the preservation of our children and of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution of 1787?

Abortion Democrats seem to prioritize confrontation, acrimony and a disrespect of the ancient doctrine meant to keep us together. They have plans to create unneeded tension with educational directives meant to confuse and divide, rather than simply defend life and liberty.


Could it be that these are not the Democrats, but some twisted creation of the abortion industry; funding the political campaigns of soft minded, fierce hearted people who will acquiesce to defending abortion in order to be in governmental office?

Rally the pro life Democrats and protect them. Let the Republican congressman and woman strengthen them. Compass them as a shield and announce that they will be guarded as what remains of the Democrats. Let the Pro Life Democrat congressman and woman allow themselves to be supported. Though they be a remnant, let them announce that they are now the true Democrat Party.

Let us be Americans who agree that it is our duty to defend with our voices with no violence, that we are created equal and have certain inalienable rights, before prioritizing our politic, ethnicity, skin color, creed, and religion. Let us be savvy enough to not be divided again, but enduring together as a coalition of pro life Americans in removing governmental financing of abortion, outlawing the political campaigning of the abortion industry to place individuals in political office…. that we may save our children, keep our hearts light, refresh our land, and preserve that spirit of life and liberty and justice to all.



Dad, Special Educator, Political Scientist, Writer. Instagram & YouTube: @CoachBill007

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just call me Bill

Dad, Special Educator, Political Scientist, Writer. Instagram & YouTube: @CoachBill007