2(CONTINUED) The Design of Faction To Control & Destroy The American Fossil Fuel Industry: Lessons Learned From The Supreme Court’s 6.30.2022 Ruling Opinion on West Virginia v. EPA

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8 min readOct 3, 2022

The Supreme Court’s West Virginia v. EPA 6.30.2022 ruling opinion describes how the fossil fuel industry is being targeted, and expresses the observation that such policies are knowingly purposed to have a massive economic cost on Americans and our economy.

Due to its national economic significance, the fossil fuel industry of oil, coal, and natural gas, — amounting to 79% of all fuel production and use for the powering of the American economy in 2021, should be understood as a political and economic power that directly affects the strength and ability of America’s domestic and foreign monetary strength, and that in turn, affects its decision-making, options, leverage, and position in the balance of power amongst other nations.

Therefore, attempts and actions to hinder, limit, or constrain the American fossil fuel market’s domestic production, must be carefully observed, deconstructed, and the root causes of such negatively disruptive efforts brought to the awareness of the American people’s national conversation, to such effect that the wisest course of action for all Americans be accomplished: our economy, resting on the individual self-determination of its people, and largely powered through fossil fuels, should not experience major disruptions due to the unilateral self-interest of a political party’s instrumentality being distinct from the unanimous good for all Americans.

The Supreme Court’s June 30, 2022 ruling opinions on West Virginia v. EPA gives the American people an objective source of information that gives a backdrop to the true intentions of the Democrat Party. In that case, aside from the Environmental Protection Agency trying to purposefully place a heavy economic burden on America’s fossil fuel industry without clear congressional authority being given, it chose the options on how the fossil fuel companies could respond to their demands within the market place.

The Inflation Reduction Act that was voted on 68 days after the Supreme Court ruling is the same plan that the Democrat Party was pushing with their control of the EPA: control with intent to end the American oil, coal, and natural gas companies. What the Inflation Reduction Act accomplished was create congressional approval from Democrats, with no Republicans voting for it.

As has been described in previous essays, America is experiencing a negative disruption of its economy, and since the first day that Biden became President, the targeting of the growth and diversification of the fossil fuel market has been negatively impacted. Because it is such a critical sector of our economy, the targeting of the fossil fuel industry’s ability to produce is of pivotal importance to the ‘cost of living’ of Americans; the strength of the American economy being crucial to the domestic and international peace amongst nations, wherein the United States truly shines as a light of liberty and justice for all. —

Thus, if and when it is not economically strong, foreign and international entities will strive in self-interest with their schemes and crafts to fill the void created from it not being able to command a balance of world power based on its ability to economically self-sustain itself.

The ‘Inflation Reduction Act ‘ a ‘command & control’ policy to rapidly hinder, limit, constrain, and bring to a halt the sources of energy that power 79–80% of our homes and economy — is poised to align unto an internationalization of the American economy, with drastic conscequences for the American middle class, and the national economy’s ability to self-sustain itself. The Democrat Party’s self-interest has gone on record in its proclamations to end the fossil fuel industry, and it has been using the offices and powers of the American government to to make allegiances with international bank institutions (World Bank) to drastically upend the domestic economy and the tax code policy to align it with a dual business scheme of (1) expatriating (stealing) and channeling American wealth unto the World Bank for the use of it to be deployed in development projects in African and Asian countries, (2) and the creation of a timed immediate void in fossil fuel production in America to be supplanted with major investments in renewable energies.

These intents of self-interest, if analyzed closely in their machinations, are not what is being told to the American people through the mainstream media, and as such, the national conversation is often devoid of important understandings that can better inform the people in their insights, and ultimately, how they vote. Further, the rapidity of speed in targeting and subverting of America’s source of fuel production and distribution has already begun to destabilize the strength of America’s power amongst the nations. This is so because the Democrat Party’s unilateral self-interest of ‘climate change economics’ is actually a triple-play scheme that is not actually about pollution control, but a new massive investment opportunity for Wall Street, banks, and international business.

The triple play:

(1) World Bank creates a business pipeline to channel American middle class tax wealth after an alignment of its tax code agrees with its financial policies, and redistribute portions of it unto African & Asian nations;

(2) business investment opportunity in renewable energy industry is artificially boosted with the constraining of the American fossil fuel market;

(3) international banks create tremendous leverage for themselves, becoming global powers of geoeconomic and geopolitical significance at the expense of America’s economy, and the economies of other industrialized nations participating in the World Bank politically ideological business scheme.

For the American family and individual, Democrat, Republican, or Independent, the present mode of self-interested actions from the Democrat Party should be met with caution and alarm, instead of what the Democrat Party cue signals as how they want the people to respond,- in a reactionary, emotional, and politically polarized way that drives disunity of national spirit. This places civilian Democrats in a tough situation, because their leaders are working against the resiliency of our national economy and making allegiances with foreign banking institutions that would and are creating severe global power balance disruptions that are detrimental to the economic flow and societal unity of the people of the United States of America.

Where should we stand as a national people? The answer is easy, but it would require that Americans of all parties collectively respond to the Biden administration with civil opposition in the congressional elections in November, and with responsible participation in the national conversation.

What the Supreme Court’s West Virginia v. EPA ruling opinion furnishes the American people with is an incredible source of information that allows us to glean and infer the intentions of the Democrat party to break the self-reliance of the American middle class economy and attach our domestic and foreign monetary and tax policy to an international bank institution that bears no allegiance to our Constitution. The court’s opinion serves as a trustworthy and scholarly input into the national conversation: the objectivity and research of the case is presented to the reader, as are the thoughts and understandings behind the opinions of the Justices. For the sake of the enrichment of the national conversation, it is critically important to be able to find these trustworthy sources of information that prioritize unbiased, critical thinking, instead of mainstream media political spin aimed at controlling the attitudes and understandings of the people. The Supreme Court, in this particular case, clearly describes the purposes and ulterior motives of the (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency, as an extension of the ideological ‘command & control’ politic that is the Democrat Party. With no giant leap of the imagination, we can understand that the fossil fuel industry was being targeted without congressional authority, and in such a way that monetary demands and constraints were being placed on it that could not be reasonably met in the timeline that was demanded. That was done on purpose and the court’s opinion brings that understanding to the light.

Thus, the construction of boosting the renewable energy industry at the direct expense of the fossil fuel industry’s demise, and the timed national domestic and foreign economic policy campaigning of the Biden administration’s unconstitutional allegiance unto the domestic and foreign monetary policy dictates of an international bank signals a trespass of Article 3, Section 3, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution:

“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

The Biden administration is continuing the progression of the Obama administration, and when we look at the construction of the matter, the triple play described above, and the ulterior ideological development motive of the international World Bank, it need not be inferred, but can be clearly understood from their actions as described above and in previous essays, that the World Bank’s priority is to establish a global financial business scheme in multiple nations at the expense of its participating donor nations in Europe and Australia. The treason agains the Constitution exists in the open actions of the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress to align the United States unto the Global Tax Project of the World Bank. In promoting the World Bank’s Global Tax Project scheme, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who is the former presiding governor of the Federal Reserve bank, admits through her actions that she is actively trespassing the Constitution’s Article 3, Section 3, Clause 1: adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

The World Bank’s intentions in its Global Tax Project go far beyond the media headline of taxing multi- national corporations; in fact, they target the fossil fuel industries of the United States, and as such, the economic scheme targets American economic sovereignty, proclaiming its position as a globalist financial ideological business with no allegiance to the United States, our Constitution, our economy, or the American people. Its dual business scheme and overreach for geoeconomic power would solidify its geopolitical across the 130 nations that have agreed to its plan, and that is in opposition to the historical American tradition economic self-determination.



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