• Tricia Fuglestad

    Tricia Fuglestad

    ~Life is too short for long faces~ I am a K-5 art teacher looking for creative ways to teach my students to draw from life. P.S. Glasses are the new contacts.

  • Eric Guerci

    Eric Guerci

  • Tom Perran

    Tom Perran

    M.Ed.-Special Education-University of Maryland Currently supporting High School Students in Central Virginia. Opinions expressed are my own.

  • Ernst Cenege

    Ernst Cenege

    Author, Blogger. www.ernstcenege.com

  • Gary Lemke

    Gary Lemke

    Connected Educator @InteractivePE. Fitness is a life skill. Teach it, live it, love it.

  • Zachary Jeans

    Zachary Jeans

    Facilitating conversations around Salesforce, Leadership, and Travel, with a passion for NonProfits.

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