How shall we defend and preserve if we allow our hearts and minds to be defaulted into being politically divided, when we should be united? The Declaration of Independence is our base line of agreement, since we are such a diverse people from all nations. We must at the least agree to each other’s right to life, to each others right to liberty, to each others right to be happy, and to each other’s right to endeavor to assure government is aligned with those fundamental natural laws. These first laws are not given, but are self-evident, God-endowed.

Was it so that the founders of the United States of America sought a powerful government to condescend upon the people and to impose its agenda on their way of life with the instrumentality of said national government being commanded and controlled by political party? Or is our Declaration of Independence a living document that claims and asserts our individual life & liberty; not a letter to some foreign king only, but a declaration of human spirit, that the individual human being would live at peace, self-determining their life, and maintaining the guarantee to assure government be ‘of and for’ the people?

Have we not a Constitution that frames our nation as its own sovereignty amongst nations, and as such, should we now begin to enter into treaties and alliances that place international banking institutions with globalist, non-American allegiances as our lords? But what America do we have if we have not the self-determined critical thinkers with that original spirit of liberty and justice for all? What people do we become if we are not allegiant unto that founding cause of human rights, that we remain a safe and happy nation?

So when a political party that is in control of government legislates and takes action to erode the strength and clear understanding of those fundamental laws, the people are tasked with a responsible and lawful form of defense; outlining the usurpations, and with the most rigorous, formal and dignified adherence to a respect of the general peace, — arise to warn and reason with the people on the grievances:

  • The presidency of the Biden administration and the Democrats ideology legislated an alignment of the American tax code (Inflation Reduction Act) to agree with the conditions of the World Bank Global Tax Project: a scheme that creates a global central development bank with a socialist ideological agenda to redistribute sovereign wealth from countries that have a middle class unto countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.
  • The aggressive weaponization of the American taxing authority, the Internal Revenue Service, with 87 thousand new employees, including a substantial increase in technology and transportation capabilities to equip them to target and track the American people in their communities, and enforce payments unto the government with faster and more precise enforcement powers.
  • The intentional blocks to over-regulate, hinder, limit and destroy the growth and diversification of the American traditional energy supply market of oil, natural gas, and coal at the time that official government reports have posted that the U.S. has more shale oil than the entire world (4.3 trillion barrels of potentially recoverable oil) with the purpose of initiating a rapid, economically disruptive shift from these energies unto renewable energies, triggering an increase in the cost of living for the American people as it moves as quickly as it can to impose its agendas, causing a price depreciation of the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar (inflation).
  • Negligence in protecting our sovereign border in allowing thousands of migrants to enter each day into the United States.
  • The politically polarizing rhetoric of President Biden, Democrats in Congress, and the national media news organizations that have left off being objective, and instead seek opportunity to alarm their own Democrat base of constituents against the Republican base of constituents, with the sum strategic goal dividing the American people, that they may maintain control of government.

Constructions upon the pillars of our constitutional republic must be in agreement with the spirit of the law, and not against the ordered liberty that can be found in our historical tradition of solemnly defending individual justice without partiality. These historical traditions are found in the words of the Declaration of Independence, in our Constitution, and in the complete writings and works of the most unalloyed defenders of individual human rights. Their efforts, recognizing that civility can be achieved in our agreement that our life, liberty, and right to be happy is ours; that government should not overstep its limits; that the people reserve power (9th Amendment) not enumerated in our founding documents; that we can live, and agree to live in peace as a people of all nations, religions, politics, and ways of life.

Will contentions cease when we enter into a common respect free from agendas and condescensions that the Democrat Politic of self-interest has forced upon all the people? Good governance is not volatile, nor does it plant self-interest ahead of the individual liberty and peaceful economic self-determination that is good for the people. The heart and mind of the leader ‘of and for’ the United States must be careful in its approach, with a solemn manner of being, prioritizing the protection of the American people and the strength of our economy, according to the spirit of American law. Such an equilibrium is both easy and hard to attain; it demands altruism, — that is to say, — selflessness.

Dynamic leadership in the management of how our government places itself in service to the people and the growth of our economy demands selflessness in order to be efficient and effective unto the good of all. As such, the support of the American middle class must be increased to render it increasingly wealthy, resilient and independent, because the domestic economic strength of a nation’s people defines its geopolitical and geoeconomic strength on the global level. Our schools should be tasked with the goal and objective of producing Americans that achieve financial independence. They should be tasked with producing independent-minds that protect the original spirit of the Declaration of 1776 and the pillar that is our Constitution. So it renders that the strengthening of the people’s intellect, sense of civic duty, and economic independence, lessens the strength of factious ruling party elitism and the schemes they practice to polarize the people and effectualize their actual end goal: maintaining control of government, and implementing their distinct agendas of self-interest.



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