“Critical thinkers can arrive on the scene from anywhere. We are, in our best moments, the protectors and creators of freedom and liberty.”

-Coach Bill

The rise of non-tribal, critical thinkers is the subject of much anticipation amongst established political forces with leftist inclinations. Meeting them before they are born, an intricate system of soft oppression based on special interests, lays the groundwork that steers, molds, channels, and re-directs human thinking and aspirations for those fortunate enough to escape human abortion from the womb. What is more, an array of injections carrying heavy metals and brain-damaging, carcinogenic ingredients, are given to American citizens which slow down brain function, and debilitate a human’s neurological prowess causing us to lose the ability to speak, move, write a sentence, or in the most extreme, yet altogether common, the loss of critically thinking.

To this reality, is American freedom, American liberty something that was created in 1776 only?, and is it something elusive that is defended in distant lands through the toil and battle of our brave soldiers, only? Can it be that freedom and liberty has a front line of defense and a fountain of creation that is of an intellectual sort? Was it not the very speeches, discourses, and arguments in the first and second Continental Congress amongst the delegates which led to the distilled clarity of understanding of a vision that focused on human rights, the creation of a government for and of the people? Yes, it was the very talking and describing, the very back and forth discussion about what the delegates saw as grievances exacted upon the colonists settlers by the English King at that time, which led them to charter a new manifestation of destiny in the clearest terms possible. It was the choosing to meet and hold forums to share ideas, displace old understandings, and sharpen a new system of self-governance which literally created the freedom and liberties written down on parchment, and in the times to follow through our Bill of Rights.

Subsequently, all the signers of the Declaration of Independence ended up on the English crowns hit list. Some were killed, others had their wealth destroyed, and yet others had to leave their homes as British troops followed orders to search and destroy them. Even so, these critical thinkers were the brave one’s. They knew the risks involved in being the face of a new American humanity which defied the greatest military strength known to mankind at that time.

Jump forward to the present time of 2018, and I tell you that we are facing a far more subtle, and dangerous threat to American freedom and liberty. It is coming from so many different avenues that it could become overwhelming to simply consider identifying, much less confronting, each threat to democracy and liberty.

  1. We are inundated as mega-input recipients of information, and scarcely digest what is said to us through social media news outlets before more information is given to us, much less, we are not aware that we must become sources of creative output.
  2. Our entertainment-focused culture system distracts us from realizing the importance of becoming creative, democratic sources of output in our homes, our communities, and on a national and global level.
  3. Academia, starting at grade school, largely focuses on having us develop into laboring professionals, and not critical thinkers who actively participate in constructive, meaningful ways in the defense and creation of freedom and liberty.

Have no fear though, but empower yourself though a peculiar form of education that goes beyond the academic institutions and our national news networks. Empower yourself through the practice of participating on local and national issues, and being a responsible, and respectful creator of discourse. This implies that if you have something to say on a subject, write about it and publish it on the internet. Practice your eloquence of speech and intellectual acumen through writing and conversation on the issues of your interest that may be of local, national, and global interest. If you have a yearning to describe a middle path that may bring a solution forward on a topic, organize your own public forum. Start by simply having tea or coffee with a friend to talk on an issue. This is tantamount to a practicing maneuver, wherein we sharpen our public speaking skills and test our ideas and understanding on a subject matter. Seek not to only share conversation with those who will agree with you always, but develop a knack for respectful conversation that considers the view point of the other. How we say what we say (paraverbal awareness ) is crucial to what we say. That is to say, the manner in which we pace, intonate, emphasize, implore, create a rebuttal, is what separates people interested in reaching deeper levels of democratic discourse, with those simply looking to unload and not really listen to someone’s opposing or different view point.

Outflanking established social news media conversation is so important for the protection of freedom and liberty. The established news sources deftly pick who talks, what is talked about, with whom, and for how long. Whereas the conversation amongst two or more individuals in a town’s coffee shop, or though written conversation online in essay format, can be akin to being more organic, spontaneous and unpredictable. Many a times, having verbal, real-time conversations on a repeated basis can be downright tiring. You may not always be bright eyed and bushy tailed on the profession of constantly meeting in town to discuss the issues of the day, though it is wholly probable and worthy to do so. As an alternative, we have the internet and what are known as blogs. These are free to create and can be used to publish essays and recorded video which can be fanned out and be accessible throughout the world the moment you hit the publish button. The personal security of having a conversation as a nation and a global populace becomes easy through the advent of a personal blog website, such as on Blogger.Com, WordPress.Com, Google Plus, or Linked In. Essays allow people to calmly read ideas, analyze them, and digest such information with greater comfort. Real shouting matches do not happen, and only those consistent essayists with coherent and cohesive thought processes stand apart from the pack.

The goal for each American citizen willing and able to be part of the democratic process of creating liberty and defending freedom through such a medium then, becomes more about critical thinking that reaches hearts and minds. The writers will find that they must find not so much that they have to be politically correct through the watering down, or censoring of their ideas, but to write with such style that the topic points they put forward are understood, that they have coherency, intellectual profoundness, good articulation, and reaching sensical conclusions aligned with the wide swath of common sense that emanates from our countries founding principles.

There you have it then. Freedom and liberty is but one step away of being switched out for a counterfeit version of a billowing flag. The defense and creation of freedom and liberty should be the number one taught subject in schools and universities. This awareness of the importance of safeguard human rights and the American way of life of limited government, of self-governance by the citizenry, doe not spell a recipe for anarchy and lawlessness, but a refinement and further manifestation of all that is good and right for the strengthening of the United States of America. A country that does not merely exist on physical land between the Atlantic and Pacific ocean, but one that is constantly born and comes into being in our hearts and minds.



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