How I Love Those Who Bring Peace

How I love those who bring peace.

In the Nuremberg Trials after the second world war, Germans were tried in a court of law for crimes against their own people. At the time of their actions, their maneuvers, ploys, and reasoning as to their motives was legitimized as necessary means to a final end wherein a supreme human race would get the advantage as the highest echelon of human civilization. To do so, more than 6 million German Jewish families were persecuted and murdered. Woman, grandpas, children and grandmas. There was no mercy. Any German thought to not be in line with the ‘Lebensraum’ final solution agenda was killed. The Nazi German order did medical experiments on humans without there consent, and the propaganda machine of Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s news/ information officer, lulled the public mind into acquiescing unto the slaughter of their fellow citizens.

There was no government of the people and for the people, and there was no government that made itself servant to the people or for the protection of the people. It was fashioned instead as a military/ police state with the people expected to be in austere service and fear unto it. Both, the final agenda of the self-appointed supreme leader and creation of a bully state apparatus placed itself first upon a mound of death and lies of so many innocent people.

There was no civil environment or opportunity to have a clear firm discussion between people who profoundly disagreed with one another. How could their be? If such a discussion took place, Nazism would have been intellectually demolished.The police / state government had its proverbial doors locked and placed itself outside of the reach of the people as an overlord.

A centerpiece to the Nazi agenda was ‘eugenics,’ a means of population control wherein human beings are selectively killed in different stages of life. Though it be that Nazi Germany is no more, and in fact, Germany is a country with a tremendous influx of Arabic and African immigrants in the 21st century, the legacy of eugenics that began in the latter half of the 1800s in Europe, also found its way onto the shores of America.

In the United States, eugenics took hold as a means of containing and exterminating the population of Americans of black skin color. Margaret Sanger was merely the spokesperson, and the Rockefeller family where the patrons of the ideology. After ‘co-oping’ the Woman’s Rights Suffragist Movement, made possible through a reform of education in the 20th century that banked on psychologically targeting Americans of all skin colors to view those of black skin color as a nuisance and a problem; targeting also those of black skin color to think of themselves as ‘not enough’ and inferior as humans, and creating the same ‘ghettos,’ or drap, dull housing projects for Americans of black skin color that Nazi Germany employed to segregate the Jews, the eugenics agenda entrenched itself in the land of liberty and justice, altogether overshadowing the work of the true defenders of justice and liberty in America. Disintersted altruists (selfless) in meek, lowly of heart service unto the people of our country whom understood how to best serve in a civil manner were George Washington, John & Abigail Adams, John Quincy Adams, Frederick Douglass, Charles Sumner, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King.

In order for Nazism’s eugenics agenda to work, the people had to be tricked first into channeling negative emotion against a group of people, and then this would be sustained with an educational ‘reminding’ of the people. In America though, we have our Declaration of Independence, replete with these straightforward, clearly expressed human rights being naturally ours, and not given to us by government. We need not live in fear, but fulfill the duty of the promissory note that is that Declaration of Independence. President John F. Kennedy urged us to be a people who are our brothers and sisters keepers. The true champions of justice & liberty exemplified the dire need to be an educated, advocating people who know their rights. The sharing of ideas in a civil manner is the beginning of the exercise of those liberties. It makes us an intellectually aware people to be about the understanding of what makes for a civil society. One wherein we are thoughtful, polite, kind, caring, and staunch in our determination to be a people of peace, and not appeasement. Appeasement is a cowardly notion that calls for peace without true liberty and justice. Appeasement asks that we disregard and denigrate what we feel in our hearts and think in our minds. Unalloyed, true peace allows for the respectful sharing of ideas and brings about a fair calm in the land.

Right now in the United States of America we do not have peace. Their is no peace to the 63 million unborn children who were killed and aborted in horrific, painful ways…my friend. The eugenics legacy is bankrolled at the half a billion dollars by our Federal Government. A portion of that money goes into assuring that as many elected officials who adhere to allowing abortion to continue will be financially and politically supported. Our Supreme Court has abortion supporters, as does the Executive Office, and our Congress. At the state level, the cause of protecting life is a different matter. States, cities and towns are joining the movement to protect our humanity; to end the brutalization of abortion on the people, and to reform education to end the indoctrination of our children into appeasement with the slaughter of ourselves in the womb.

In the light of humanity that was brought forth in the Nuremberg Court, how will Americans look back on the legacy of abortion? Was it an exercise in freedom to kill the unique life in the womb? How did educational indoctrination devalue our sense of humanity? Do we value some people less than others? I think of a speech and essay from that very good man, President Ronald Reagan. On March 8, 1983, Reagan went beyond the politician, bringing forth his human soul through his presidency; establishing a landmark in the American story, a new well of true peace for the life for America that will never be moved. He spoke like a man of family, as a Christian, and as humble and obedient servant to all of us. Adolf Hitler could never have done that… to speak meekly as a humble and obedient servant to the people…

His essay and book of the same name, ‘Abortion and the Conscience of a Nation’ were both written while he was President.

He cared.

He cared enough to throw caution into the wind and take a stand for protecting what was good and right. He did so, because like those awesome defenders, those altruist keepers of justice and liberty before him, he understood that America is best as a lighthouse of liberty for the good of its people and all of mankind.

Will you be civil today? Will you walk in that spirit of selflessness as your brother and sisters keeper, and also fulfill the promissory note of our Declaration of Independence? I hope so. We need all the soul power of the people to save what is good about America. All of us, with all our differing politics, our different religions, creeds, and walks of life may: we are needed — end the distractions and prioritize your hearts and minds to the creative battle that is set in array before you —

it is for your heart and mind, it is for the fruit of your womb, it is for the bringing about the ship called America unto safe harbor. No more death of our unborn, no more denigration of our humanity, no more silence and appeasement of our soul — crushing us before we know what is happening.



Dad, Special Educator, Political Scientist, Writer. Instagram & YouTube: @CoachBill007

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Dad, Special Educator, Political Scientist, Writer. Instagram & YouTube: @CoachBill007