How Will We Fashion & Conduct Our Appeals Unto The Nation?

Abraham Lincoln’s relentless appeals unto the people were tactical and direct; that they return to the gentle waters of the promise of the Declaration of Independence.

What expectancy of national peace can be effected if the foundational spirit and original intentions of our founding fathers for America are misconstrued in ignorance and with designed purpose to change its meaning, with the desired end that present generations of the people become untethered from the understanding of the original spirit of union? Our American schools being ordered through legislative authority to popularize the ideologies and spokespersons of a factious spirit that lift up a spirit of anger, of scorn, of political division, and of the ideological aggrandizement of Constitutional word and spirit, of restraining the Declaration of Independence as some historical parchment, of heaping contempt upon George Washington, of ignoring the goodness of John Quincy Adams, and contorting, picking and choosing of what Abraham Lincoln actually spoke of and stood for.

How shall appeals be fashioned, to what extent, and unto what listening audience shall the calls be made to return to the gentle promise of our Declaration of Independence that makes us a sovereign people with equality of claim to the protection of our life & liberty? Do our American schools educate the people to be financially empowered, to be critical thinkers, to understand the importance of protecting the natural law agreements that are the basis for the spirit of our political union, or is our American society being taught to dwell in the mire to be critical of a specific ethnicity of people? A critical thinking people become a direct challenge to the instrumentalization of government by factions (self-interest, ideological political groups) because as individuals, the protection of individual rights is prioritized as an ever-prescient goal. Therefore, in not prioritizing the empowerment of people to be critical thinkers, ignorance & indifference can be indoctrinated through default, assuring an uncontesting of the decision making and policy-setting of people working in government. Thus, a people who are effected to be spectators of government, and sidelined from partaking in important local and national discussions on the well-being of the nation, rather than be community-minded, caretakers who assure the legitimacy of the spirit and laws of the nation be attached unto the original spirit of our political union — that spirit of 1776, wherein establishing a constitutional republic prioritizing the protection of individual human rights was the intention, are left to be a people easily exploited, manipulated, and made subject to the self-interest of ruling factions.

In the Federalist Essays, we are warned of faction; it is explained to us that a factious spirit, the narrow interest of a few are a continuous danger upon the fundamental core principles of the American union: wherein the decentralization of power springs like a fountain from the people, the centralization of power is consented upon of the people unto the formation and establishment of government, and yet, the people must remain critical thinkers, and astute observers, both ready to join national discussion and active as civil participants performing the solemn duty to maintain the American government in line with the original spirit of liberty, as can be understood from the writings, and sum of the governmental works of the founding fathers.

George Washington was instant in his selflessness, understanding that his character and integrity were pivotal to the formation of the spirit of the American union.

Where and to whom shall the appeals be made to bring about the government to the spirit and original intention of the standard that is expressed in our Declaration of Independence? Shall it be made to a people who have received an education purposefully and ignorantly rendering them as indoctrinated to ‘not care’ about the value of human life? Shall such appeals reach deaf ears, blind eyes, and seared consciences? Will America’s way of life, established on a foundation of and for the protection of individual life & liberty, that Americans may in their diversity of ethnicity, of religion, of politic, and ‘walk of life,’ be made subject to what the people say only, or, since we are a constitutional republic, appeal to the people, appeal to the government, and also maintain allegiance unto the original spirit of 1776? A constitutional republic is not a democracy in the sense that popular opinion can supplant the natural laws (Declaration of Independence) that were the first charter of our political union, but we have these representatives who have the solemn duty to listen to their constituents, but to adhere unto the harmless spirit of our Declaration of Independence: we are created equal, and our rights as humans have a set starting point in time — human creation happens at the time of human fertilization. That it be so that the self-interest of factious groups may manipulate our government to create an economic platform to self-sustain themselves, as does the abortion industry, is what the slavery faction effected. John Quincy Adams and Abraham Lincoln recognizing the factious strategy of infiltrating the branches of government with the purpose of commandeering their manipulation of power ‘were and remain,’ great works.

Why are the writings and critical thinking works of these Americans not taught as they ought to be? Is it because the evil of faction would once again be brought to light? The slave industry and its judicial, legislative, and executive apparatus in government strategized the ‘care not’ doctrine, or teaching of ‘Popular Sovereignty,’ that a person can own a person, and a third person, nor government can object. Is that not what the abortion industry and its spokespersons in government also require of the people? They call it ‘pro-choice:’ A person does not have to approve of abortion, but they are not to have the right to object that another person end the life of the human in the womb. That is that ‘popular sovereignty’ all over again! We are bullied and intimidated by the abortion industry and its amalgamation of political operatives to silence ourselves! Our American schools herald their spokespersons to our children! Ruth Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, and even Chief Justice John Roberts — these personnel in the Supreme Court have not cared about the excruciating pain that humans in the womb endured as their precious limbs and head are severed before being vacuumed out of the womb, or procured for organ harvesting while being maintained alive during the organ extraction. How long have they given tacit approval to ‘popular sovereignty?’ Should people who condone these atrocities be presented as hero’s to our children? What appeals can be made to return to the gentle promise of valuing and protecting human life unto a people who approve of such torture and destruction of human life? Our appeals would be met with deaf ears, blind eyes, and fierce hearts. Our words would be censored as John Quincy Adams was censored from speaking about slavery within our U.S. Congress.

But we must appeal nonetheless. We must, with long-suffering, with goodness, with peace, with joy, with faith, with temperance, with meekness, and yet with temerity, with strength of heart, — we must appeal in the valleys, on the mountaintop, in written word, and unto our elected officials, in our town halls, and unto those who shape our educational curriculum for our children. We must appeal to the people and unto the government — relentlessly without ceasing, with patience, with savviness, and harmless as doves, yet as intellectual strongholds for the defense of the first promise of our Declaration of Independence, that first spirit of our American union.

Though it be that a factious, divisive spirit prioritizes its grasp on the power of our economy, and reverses the promise of our first laws and that original spirit of liberty; shaping multitudes of the people to largely enter their adult life without the knowledge of determining and establishing their financial independence, that they may have enough wealth to then become a people who value civility, a state of being wherein we treat each other with politeness and respect, we cannot despair. Abraham Lincoln did not despair. Nor did George Washington, or John Quincy Adams. We must have faith in the first formula of our union, and go forth to defend it.

Young Abraham Lincoln was a voracious book reader, and grew to be a scholarly, critical thinker; an American political scientist, and defender of the national spirit of the American union, as it was originally intended.

As it is, the appeals must be made; they must be continuously brought forth in the most thoughtful and responsible manner, as it was in the spirit and action of John Quincy Adams bringing forth hundreds of petitions to abolish slavery as a Congressman in the House of Representatives. The words of the galant, selfless and kind George Washington, long having been silent from his mouth, remain written in his published works gently calling on us to understand that the spirit of faction that is today, was also present so long ago. His spirit of peace, yet instant and ready to defend, of properness, of responsibility as a servant ‘of and for’ the people — form a cornerstone of the American character that must be understood and defended, because he ‘was and is’ innately pivotal to the formation of the quality and trajectory of America, and its continuity, and because his integrity does uphold the strength of his communication and his warnings to us on what challenges to expect and how to address these with good conduct. And how can we understand the man and his message, if we are not taught to study his writings throughly? How shall we know of the mighty intellectual strength of Abraham Lincoln in the 1850s, and of his strategic, tactical genius, if he is not plainly opened unto us through his writings?

The thorough study of written works of these sentinels transcend politics; and are powerful enough to furnish the intellectual capability to once again raise up altruism in the population, that enough individuals find muster passion, ardor, and patience to address the people and our government on the erroneous trajectory that these factious strongholds represent.




Christian. Dad, Special Educator, Political Scientist, Writer. Instagram & YouTube: @CoachBill007

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just call me Bill

just call me Bill

Christian. Dad, Special Educator, Political Scientist, Writer. Instagram & YouTube: @CoachBill007

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