Truly this is the land of the free because of the brave. Now, how brave do we have to be and how many of us are needed at any given time to be brave enough in the United States of America to keep the land free?

Is it mainly the responsibility of our U.S. Armed Forces?

Is it the responsibility of the established social media?

Is it the responsibility of guerrilla journalists?

Is it the responsibility of all Americans?

What does being brave look like?

What does standing up for American freedom entail? Jean-Jaques Rousseau pointed out that it was hard to lead a noble life where we actively stand up for the principles of liberty if we are always working to make a living. I believe he has a strong point there. Indeed, it is taxing to wage social campaigns of positive disruption aimed at keeping the American flag billowing. This is all the more so, when the truth can get you ‘taken out.’ As it is, entrenched political special interests pacts are focused on maintaining a status quo out of sync with the heartland of American conservatism. That is to say, the America which believes in our constitution, which is for maintaining the foundations on which the nation was founded and which is based in altruistic love for one’s diverse community.

Of late though, conservative America has had to withstand being ‘painted’ with a broad brushstroke as inflexible, out of step with modernity, not forward-thinking and perhaps even racially bigotted. The truth is far from it. Just as there are different segments to the Democratic political wing and it would not be fair to lump all Democrats as for abortion, for constitutional-change and for open and loose immigration policies, it is equally not fair to label all conservatives as either white supremacist or somewhat friendly to such a group. But so it is when most of the established media holds the ability to amplify biased, politically-slanted news over the televised airwaves. It is no secret that the majority of established, mainstream U.S. media outlets openly campaigned for the Democratic presidential candidate over our current President. It is no secret that this particular media not only campaigned to promote Democratic party leadership candidacy, but co-launched an unprecedented local and national attack on all active voices, small and large, who opposed such candidacy.

I have for myself, seeded to be fair and just in proclaiming solidarity with the America I would lie to see. One that is red, white and blue, not just a blue wave, or independent red, independent blue, or simply just red. In matters of immigration, I have brought my voice to meet others who have called for controlling immigration policy to control the massive influx of immigrants (mostly uneducated) threatening to upend the political system in generations to come by paying voting homage to the Democratic Party with voting ‘blue’ because they were allowed to enter the country under ‘blue’s’ so-called immigration leadership. In fairness, a path to citizenship can be made for those already here who are:

  1. getting educated
  2. are assimilating to our culture

But once again, conservative America has been painted with the largest of brushstrokes on this issue with a narrative that we are anti-diversity, anti-immigrant and lacking empathy. Given that the televised media outlets are vastly controlled by ‘Blue Political Ideology’ what the people hear is very much one-sided and to a great degree, conservative America is left out of the discourse.

Standing up with a critical mind focused on bringing solutions to the diaspora that has become the stale and controlled national conversation is all of a sudden revolutionary. Those of us who are active voices and who are politically-conservative Americans as outlined above have not only been signaled out, but targeted on the street-level through a grotesque ground operation to subvert our focus, slander our name and sideline our message. This is true.

Such issues as abortion vs. pro-life, immigration, the stewardship of the physical environment and the push to globalize our laws and policies to be in step with an internationalist drive to erase national borders with the weakening of countries and strengthening of globally-minded institutions have been ground zero for the almost silent cultural revolution happening in the United States of America as we speak.

Are we not in the midst of a revolution?

We are families and individuals who are savvy enough to see that the kind of revolution we can have need not become a physically violent maelstrom on our city and town streets. Law and order is needful so that we do not become completely undone at the seams. Yet, this kind of revolution does not take away from the heated…fight… happening behind the scenes.

Conservative America is done with tolerating the legalized extermination of babies. Conservative America is done with being pushed around on massive immigration from Central America. We see the voting coup de etat that is being predicated to literally change the political voting landscape for generations to come. How will the twenty million or so Central American immigrants that have arrived in the last ten years generally vote? Will they not be loyal to the political party that has brought them in?

Taking a stance against such tactics and against such immorality tearing away at the fabric of our American quilt places active voices in the open light for targeting and slander. So it is that protecting America from being overrun by such ideas which would completely change the political landscape in favor of an America that looks nothing like that which our forefathers founded.

Change, of course, is inevitable. Diversity can be a very good thing and we are a nation of immigrants made stronger by our differences and ability to coexist with one another. Listening to different, political view points is healthy and seeking compromise here and there will benefit us all. Compromise on abortion is not possible though. Compromise on massive immigration of uneducated peoples is not doable and compromise on allowing international institutions and foreign governments to exercise political power on American culture and life through these global-economic institutions is a non-starter, as well.

“…the kind of revolution we can have need not become a physically violent maelstrom on our city and town streets.”

Great things can come from the revolution that is not being televised. Critical thinking on what kind of America we all collectively want is happening from coast to coast by subsequent new generations. This is great. We need more educated minds and voices to join the national conversation. Our educational system is itself in the midst of being retrofitted to manifest citizens who value the right to exercise their freedom and liberties more emphatically. The rise of socially-minded, business enterprises has signaled the pathway for a new era emanating from the United States of America far and wide across the planet. This ideology is placing financial profit on equal footing with doing good in our communities. Social entrepreneurship is well-positioned to being a solution-focused vehicle empowering people to not just look upon local, national and global leadership to enact social change that supposedly trickles from the top-down, but is a vehicle that has galvanized everyday people to enact social impact that is positively disruptive to the old order of business. Placing profit over people does not motivate hearts, nor give us good sleep at night as does fostering stronger communities through civic-minded social enterprising that is empathic to the social issues which need addressing.

Standing up for such an America is what I do. An America that is seeking to find common ground everywhere where it can be found. An America that is not focused on crafty, one-upmanship based on clever gaming of our system, but one that reaches across the din with actions that say, I will be a socially responsible servant leader working shoulder to shoulder with all others who are for upholding this kind of America. One where red, white and blue can meet and hold our flag so that it billows in the wind.



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