Introduction of a Study on The ‘Command & Control’ Legislation “The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act” And Its purposed Effect On Civic Journalism: The Champion Outsiders We Must Always Have

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The chair of the individual civic writer has the capacity to be unconstrained by political and monetary pressure. It is the place for intellect and liberty to flow on a common endeavor. It can be a seat that proclaims justice; a place from which the status quo can be shaken; a source through which ill-serving strongholds can be brought down.

The growing tide of humanity is readily entering the fastest growing practice of individual liberty in the 21st century, civic journalism.

Does the profession of civic journalism directly compliment the foundational core strength of the United States of America as the highest echelon of responsible, ‘thought-out,’ ordered expression;’ a ‘long-form’ work of ‘individual free speech’ that employs the enterprising of critical thinking skills as the writer presents their observations and reasoning to the readers, and through the auspices of the mainstay of the internet to be an ‘open source’ framework through which to channel intellect, a bulwark of the defense of liberty?

It is certainly observed that so many corporate ‘mainstream media’ news organizations slant their publishing of information in order to promote a politic or national agenda; a polarization of politics that have left off any semblance of objective reporting, and taken on the selection of news as it supports the political party agenda that each corporate news organization seems to support.

Currently, their is an introduced legislation before the U.S. Congress, “The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act.” It is not a legislative action that has originated from a national grouping of civic journalists. It is yet another scheme to control the hierarchy, process and distribution of news information that would place restrictions on the ‘free market’ entrance of individual writers to create, share & distribute informational content, including the use of links that originate from corporate news media. Likewise, the legislation is aimed at placing a distinction between employee journalists who write for news-media companies, and independent journalists who are self-employed, or working on their own behalf for the good of community in their civic endeavors.

A reading of the proposed legislation brings to mind that a conglomeration of corporate news media seeks greater control over the flow of information production. This is alarming. The continuation of new regulations that favor the expansion of the slanted journalism practices that have characterized what is called ‘mainstream media’ will only lead to a populace that is more and more polarized, deprived of critical thinking objectivity, and finally, an absence of what should be most sought after and protected as it pertains to the quality of our national conversation: our voices.

What the legislation does is invent a new power that can be used to demand monetary payment in a court of law for the use of their work, even if it is an address web link, or if the civic writer has an individual membership to the news platform and accesses information from an article and properly includes it in their published work. The proposed legislation has strict parameters as to who can be identified as an ‘eligible broadcaster,’ and ‘eligible digital journalism provider,’ and connects these jobs to a company, identified as a ‘covered platform’ making a net profit or have a market capitalization of at least $550, 000, 000 per year, and 50,000,000 monthly active users. Such a cartel would only include a few companies, and would definitely stop independent, civic journalist from being able to easily join and contribute to the national and international conversational flow of ideas. Not only would the cartel of large, corporate social media companies be able to limit, if not altogether stop the use of their material as ‘a source’ in the work of an independent writer or civic journalist, but can bring them to court and exact a tremendous financial cost upon them, thus, limiting and hindering the market entrance of individual civic journalist into the national conversation.

It is no surprise that this piece of ‘command & control’ legislation is being channelled through the Democrat Political Party, or that the scheme bears resemblance of two of the other projects of the Democrat Party, namely, the overregulation of America’s traditional fuel industry, and its legislation (Inflation Reduction Act) to align the U.S. economy and redistribution of its taxes to be international managed by the World Bank/ European Commission ideological-influence development business investment scheme in Third-World or ‘Global South’ nations. The behavior politic and scheme to control is the same in the three instances. It is yet another attempt to squelch the defense of liberty by individuals, and to control the flow and production of information, that the ideological objectives may more readily achieve their desired goals without the opposition of independent, civic journalists.

Writing as a civic work is both, the beginning and continuous source of ‘free intellectual’ observation and record, and its unhindered growth as a national ‘must’ is the lawful way for the people to strive as citizens. Therefore, corporate media news attempts to form ‘cartels’ or unionization of corporatist news media that would control the creation, distribution, and process of information production of individual civic journalists or civic writers through the lobbying, and ultimately, legislation of senators and congressional representatives in our U.S. Congress should be studied and deconstructed; it should be met with alarm, and steadfastly opposed as a degradation of the ability to practice and intellectually, or a the least, civically champion individual human rights, the cornerstone of our national American body.

Consider Frederick Douglass and Charles Dickens: both of these exemplary champions of liberty began their work as outsiders to the established news media of their time, and both brought railing opposition to the ‘status quo’ of their day. Dickens workmanship is found in his critique of the allowance of the land-owning class to disregard the plight of the working class of England in the mid-1800s, including its apathy on child-labor laws, and basic human decency amongst the people. He also was adamant in his position against human slavery, as was Frederick Douglass, who was a public speaker and writer, replete with his own newspaper. Douglass was certainly opposed, seeing his printing presses being destroyed at times, and his life in constant peril because of his civic work as a writer.

Both of these individuals had to make their own way: their work, both in written long-form, and in public speaking was a service to humanity and to the foundation that holds society together, individual human liberty and justice for all.

Individual liberty is winning, and they don’t like it; it is a threat to them:

The legislative regulation of the civic writer’s process to create, share, distribute and reach the people must not be hindered, and instead, let it be used to bring the conglomeration of narrow-minded, corporate news-self-interest’s manipulation of slanted news information production to a grinding halt; calling its biased indoctrination into light; calling out its ploy to censor, diffuse, constrain, and monopolize information. Has it not been found that mainstream news media companies like to control the national conversation through their process of information production and distribution? Such a legislative act, ‘the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act,” is misleading in its title, and would hinder individual, civic-minded journalism, allowing large corporate news organizations an absolute leverage in the control of the national conversation.

Through whom and with what political party have they introduced the legislation?

Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar voted for monetary and tax alignment to the European Commission/ World Bank Global Tax project agenda that seeks to control the monetary and tax policy of participating nations and redistribute the strength of their economies to serve poor nations, while also targeting the traditional fuel industries of these wealthy nations with the goal of rapidly bringing these to a closure, that the renewable energy industry may experience an economic investment opportunity. The same polarizing ‘command & control’ behavior that Democrats have employed in the unconstitutional alignment (with their Inflation Reduction Act objectives being in sync with the European Commission/ World Bank Global Tax Project; both, nearly identical in their objectives), is also in play with ‘The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act.’ It should be no surprise that the European Commission has threatened to block the world’s most well-known micro-blog platform, Twitter, from being available in Europe as a ‘distributed’ national/ international conversation ‘town hall,’ now that it is no longer controlled by their favored political party ideology in the United States. The quality of the conversation became much more balanced after serial-entrepreneur Elon Musk purchased it, fired almost all of its staff, and has begun to take actions to approach a more fair and distributed individual expression, — and this is having a corrosive effect on the implementation of an elite-controlled globalist agenda.

They Are Afraid:

They are afraid of the rising power of individual writers who are joining ‘the fray’ in including themselves in what matters to them. The large, corporatist social media news companies cannot compete against hundreds of thousands of civic writers; of Frederick Douglass’s and Charles Dickens-styled individual voices. The distributed diversification of so many new civilians using the tools, instruments, and media platforms, destabilizes and decreases the imposing singular volume of the ‘linearity’ of the narratives that these large corporations are seeking to maintain. They are afraid because they recognize the impact of the work of outsiders, and they understand that one individual can be powerful, let alone, hundreds of thousands. So it is, the ‘outsiders’ are the champions and always will be.



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