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4 min readMay 4, 2018

The determination to focus all of its energy in playing identity politics on the local and national level has continuously depleted any chance of the Democratic Party leadership and its operating cadre of foot soldiers from exercising any kind of moral high ground in shaping the direction of the United States of America. It’s ‘resistance’ campaign, bolsters nothing but division amongst American citizens through the use of whisper campaigns, and use of corporate brands, musicians and entertainers on television and films as political mouthpieces. This kind of narrow-minded political gamesmanship relies on codified social media messaging to release directives on who is currently being targeted in the identity politics game they play.

Cloak and Dagger Stuff

In essence, a battle of ideas devolves into trivial, immature character assassination tactics which have nothing to do with taking on the substantive moral issues of the day, and everything to do with seeking to sideline people in their own communities and on the national stage. The strategy relies on breaking down the personal integrity of individuals so as to take away credence from their message. This involves the use of constant localized, crafty entrapment ploys aimed at subverting the rise of people by causing them to err, only to later use the failing as a means of blackmail to silence such individuals from bringing any critical thinking discourse forward.

In addition, with the use of collusion amongst televised, social and print news media platform leadership, the Democratic Party non-elected elite run their party into the ground, and cheat the idealism of traditional Democrats, as well as the ability to have sensible conversation on the topics that truly matter. They do steer the conversation by controlling the topics their ‘corner’ talks on through these channels, and they do control the national conversation in the media by constantly focusing on simply trying to negatively paint everyone and everything they don’t agree with, rather than actually talk about the things that matter. Most of their work is done covertly on the local level through the trolling of people, and again, seeking to create entrapment situations leading to further intelligence gathering that is later used to silence the targets.

This kind of work is not in line with the founding principles of the United States of America, but is an evil on the political process flow in our nation. It is no surprise that a growing segment of the American population see through the trickery in varying degrees of understanding and are more and more seeking the honesty of the conservative perspective for America. One in which the government is of and for the people and indivisible as one nation under God. An America where we are more and more realizing that the building and strengthening of community builds up the country as a whole. A United States of America where we are tired of the aforementioned political trickery of the house of mirrors known as identity politics, and we begin calling on each other to raise our level of critical thinking, of being active, advocating participants in our democracy, and therein, creating real change you don’t have to believe in, but make happen.

Change You Don’t Have to Believe In (Because We Make It Happen)

To that end, and moving ever upward, we must put off the ‘old political ways;’ we must leave off the trodden trails of bringing people down, and take on the new paths where we build each other up. This starts with our educational system.

Our educational curriculum is being asked to not just teach reading, writing and academic subject knowledge, but business skills and civic duty early on in grade school. That the educational result in the nation be one were harmless armies of public speakers, and writers stand side by side next to brethren who pursue vocational schools and not just simply go to work as employees, but have the skills and hope to be job-creators and business starters. This creates an empathic capitalistic system minting individuals that actively participate in the democratic process.

This is how we begin to shift the culture away from trivial political maneuvering and towards profound, solution-focused engineering that take on the great dilemmas and issues of the day.

We need not be bogged down on the validity of climate change, for instance, but seek to be better environmental caretakers. Economic oppression is real and is a result of an educational system that continues to default on the value of critical thinking, empathic capitalists. Not all may reach the same altruistic crescendo, and that is okay. We should teach business and civic duty, right next to those academic subjects. We should teach public speaking and essay writing as cornerstone democratic functions that uphold freedom and liberty through the discourse of ideas.

This kind of holistic empowerment of individuals within our public educational school systems is pivotal in order to not constantly fold inwardly economically and keep creating an employee labor force without passion and hope for great growth. This all starts with the quality of education we have and allow in our public schools. Start now to plant these seeds of holistic, educational empowerment and we begin to have an economy in twenty, thirty and forty years that breaks away from the doldrums of our hierarchical economic system of trickle-down money flow. It is like planting a tree; only we are the trees, and our parents, teachers, school administrators and elected and non-elected community leaders are the constant gardeners.



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