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Creating a mission with a goal that moves you from the inside out is the first step in launching an endeavor. After that, having the wherewithal to move on multiple fronts daily doing small and big actions, including caring for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health is key to keeping you firing on all cylinders over the long-run. In this essay I include some pointers on what to look out for as well as perspectives which can be taken into account as you go forth. The exploration of how to maneuver amongst commercial and political forces of influence on the local, national and international level are addressed, as is the mindset needed to power through over time.

To begin with, as you continue to plow forward in a worthwhile endeavor of a political nature, you will find that the attention of many will begin to be directed to you. Many of these, will in some form or fashion, work in concert with different political organizations looking to maintain and move forward their own agendas. Like bears in the middle of a stream of fish, they will keep an eye on big fish that seem to be making political headway with the hopes of catching and influencing your path so that it includes the fine points of their own agenda. In such ways influential power is harnessed and varied status quos are kept. Will you and your endeavor be outflanked by these? As long as you continue to be relevant, they never stop.

In this two-party political system, the rise of rogue actors is not at all welcomed though it be a curious novelty at first, given the seeming independence of the rogue player or player-organization. The introduction of repeated special benign and malign ‘ground’ campaigns are brought in for and against such rogue political players from all kinds of actors with overt and covert ‘soft’ actions focused on reigning such a new presence towards the pre-established political party system, or even ‘parties’ that have nothing to do with the two-party system. The inexperienced player is spoiled with flattery and pressure (usually at the same time) to ‘tow the line’ or risk being framed and painted with the brushstrokes so oft used with every single stalwart that arrives on the political scene.

I say again, as you continue to plow forward in a worthwhile endeavor that is political, you will need to rest on a strong foundation which both harbors and feeds you strength in order to keep going the long mile. The journey for any worthwhile goal is far and if it is accolades and recognition you seek, it is best to give up and throw in the towel. Being a game changer in America is not for the half-hearted or for the whimsical thinker. Being a true game changer requires spiritual fortitude of gargantuan proportions. Being a local, national and global game changer from within the United States of America means that we assume great responsibility in how we walk in our own life. Your life will be scrutinized and held up against the aim of your endeavor. This is good. If you are a true game changer, families and their children will invariably be directly and indirectly influenced by such rising and consistent force, so their are ‘gatekeepers’ in America who look after the welfare of the local and national community.

Being a game changer then, is a very personal lifelong mission, as it is a public demonstration of what you hold dear and who you are in thought and action. From the outside what is seen has to be sincerity and genuineness. This will only be so if what is on the inside is the fountain of such character traits. Others must see that you are the ‘real deal,’ and not some concocted ploy, or flash in the pan. Snap judgements will be made. The true changer of the status quo takes all this in stride and is unmoved in their focus and unchanged in their spiritual path. Personally, I know no other way to keep going but to rest on the Lord of Lords, rather than the comforts my mind, heart or people can render. Do we not need something greater than ourselves to rescue us from the midst of spiritual warfare? Is being a game changer not altogether a deeply spiritual journey? A deep mission that goes deep into our bones and exemplifies itself outwardly through every one of our actions? It is so easy to compromise, grow complacent and give in to relenting local, national and even international forces which push to influence us much more than we care to admit or are cognizant of across our daily life. The question is if YOU will be different and HOW. Will you take the easy way in the third quarter and say yes to fame and riches, if they are offered to you, thus co-opting your mission and placing a real price tag on all your physical, emotional and spiritual exercise?

Go further.. the little ones are watching.

Americans are watching. Hero’s are needed. Real hero’s that don’t sell out, but that fight for that which is right. The hero, game changer club is not a club for those who rest on their laurels, but to those who sacrifice and place the good of others before their own. In concrete terms, our soldiers illustrate this well. In abstract terms, the effective civilian game changer becomes political and savvy enough to not sell-out early or take the easy road, therein not outflanking themselves by selling out. The degree and effect of our social impact is not as clear when we flex positive disruption in a socially responsible way. It is more nuanced. There is no scoreboard. The credit of our work is not directly attributed to us and this has a positive in it. When we are not concerned with taking credit for our work, we leave the door open for others to easily join us shoulder to shoulder. The endeavor is saved from being a ‘me’ thing to one that is an ‘us’ thing. So it is that the possibility of scaling success is greater then by not reaching for credit. It is a selfless action that wins hearts and minds far quicker and more easily than if the positively disruptive game changing becomes about how great one individual can be. In such ways we actually align with bedrock American principles of loving and caring for each other in thanksgiving. In such ways we move hearts because we choose to move forward together rather than all for one only. But this is hard. The tendency is to save oneself and to give in to the pressing forces around us as we are in this journey. Here is a tip: Tell yourself that you have not arrived at your destination yet, though your waves are constantly reaching shore.

Most of the time it may seem as if it is one for all, yet if your endeavor is worthwhile, the work you do will amplify outward and beyond your scope of vision reaching hearts and minds far from your field of vision. That is why it is crucial to remain humble and focused on amplifying who you are, what you hold dear and how you practice your endeavor in a smart, dynamic and effective way.

I say to myself and others to ‘go forth.’ Go forth and just be unstoppable for the Lord. Be that guy! Be that woman! God wants such passion and energy. His spirit will be found in the midst of our good works and it will give us a certain peace that is unique and unmovable;)

None of this will be comprehended unless you are actually becoming a game changer. It will seem foreign even. What I put forth here is an introductory cue to prime those who are on this road to bring positive change to America… to bring positive disruption that amounts to us exercising individual social responsibility. Being an individual game changer requires unending passion, spiritual, physical, emotional and mental energy to keep the fire of liberty and freedom alive safely in the arms of the individual (‘we the people’ ) and away from leaving it in the realm of established political forces which always end up being co-opted by varied and powerful monetary vested interests. It is just the way it is. We need not have to judge it an evil. We need to just focus on being unstoppable in our goal.

Find a goal that you think you can stick with, pace yourself and move forward at it every day. Build and protect your energy like a constant gardener on a daily basis doing different strength-building actions which together help keep you ship-shape and ready to venture out and away from your harbor or port-of-call.

Have an unbreakable spirit. God is watching from the inside out and the outside in. Stay aligned to his will according to his Word.



Dad, Special Educator, Political Scientist, Writer. Instagram & YouTube: @CoachBill007

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Dad, Special Educator, Political Scientist, Writer. Instagram & YouTube: @CoachBill007