What do we have that remains in America, but the understanding of the ideas of what quality of life we must cherish.

The passion of John Adams

and the strength and foresight of Abigail Adams,

the steadfast, sentinel-like watch and altruism of their son John Quincy,

the intellectual rigor, and good samaritan ways of Frederick Douglass

with his unyielding love of what America must always attain to;

the calm and enduring bravado of Abraham Lincoln,

and the steady, methodical march of attorney Thurgood Marshall.

What do we have that remains in America after all has been said and discussed, but the vision and work of love of Martin Luther King who chose to hate the evil deeds of his fellow citizens, but not the doer of the deeds themselves.

Hate had no quarter in him,

vengeance was not of his repertoire,

violence had no talons in his heart.

And what of President Ronald Reagan who broke ranks with political thought on March 8, 1983 in a speech that reverberated across every American heart and beyond? Like David facing Goliath, Reagan was both President and a fellow Christian calling out the death and destruction of the abortion industry ideology, strategy and apparatus.

No President before or thereafter has resonated such an unprecedented authenticity or held up such a defense of American founding ideals as he did in his 30 minute speech. It was not a speech; it was a rebuke and a sounding alarm to the very soul of what it means to be human.

All these fellow Americans yearned to bring about a better, more educated understanding of what ties should bind our hearts and minds together. Each, in their own unique way payed the price of selflessness. They had to be genuine, altruists, placing the vision of what the United States of America ought to be foremost in their life, rather than taking a pacified approach on the sidelines of the American story.


Our founding ideas of life, liberty, and justice for all are lost, transected, or gained and refined through our educational experiences, underscoring the tremendous value in the United States to raise up altruistic critical thinkers able to financially self-sustain themselves. That is to say, our public school and university educational goals must make it possible for Americans to practice and raise the quality of their observance of these American ideals and the required advocacy to protect such ideals for self and community therein. As sentinels of life and liberty, parents and Educators alike must understand the value in prioritizing and then implementing such a style of education. It is in the process of receiving this particular education, in the seeking and observance of these ideals within our communities and country, and in the practice and advocacy to guard and protect them that we maintain that lockstep formation with that passion of John Adams and that strength and foresight of Abigail Adams. It is in the aspiring onto being an awakened active, good-natured American citizen that we attain the steadfast altruism of their son John Quincy Adams, and in the crossroads between intellectual rigor and being the good samaritan that we encounter Frederick Douglass. It is in that penchant to exceed our educational upbringing as readers, and active members of the community that we encounter Abraham Lincoln’s spirit as well-informed, self-resilient adventurers ready to continue moving life forward. It is in that very process of education, critical thinking observance, and smart, unrelenting tactical advocacy, that Thurgood Marshall achieved the victory of justice and liberty for Americans of black skin color before the Supreme Court 29 out of 32 times. And it was in the steady march of strength through non-violence that Martin Luther King led a civil reformation upon the prevailing social order, establishing new positions of equal justice and righteous liberty for Americans of black skin color. It was also in this same regard for life and liberty that Ronald Reagan understood how entrenched abortionism had become, how it was purposing to expand into American society and beyond its borders. Reagan broke away from his advisors and with the warmest, genuine and heartfelt of delivery’s, warned the people that there would be a denigration of human life as the death toll of unborn children continued to mount daily.


How do we best move forward in prioritizing our actions, decision-making, and care for ourselves, family, and communities in the United States? What role can we rightfully, should we rightfully take on in the world? The strength of the American citizen should be our regard. Strength of mind and heart and a clear, light soul must be supported with the smartest of economic means; that we may create, shape, and form individual economic engines, not as a capitalistic end to themselves, but as empathic capitalists vehicles serving the strengthening and sustaining of these minds, hearts, and souls. What is placed before you is a multi-purpose solution that is both simple and directly fashioned to earnestly bring the American dream forward. It is not empathic capitalism, but community entrepreneurism is certainly the self-sustaining vehicle that re-callibrates our thinking about how to truly bring wealth into our lives, even as we focus on improving the life around us. This is about protecting human life, ensuring and replenishing our liberties like constant gardeners, and being about the work of justice. What is said; that parents and Educators inculcate an understanding that we create a country that is more caring. The ripples of this new construction release empathy, passion, kindness, and great positive energy.

What is that that remains then,

it is the preservation of our life & liberty,

it is the caring for self, and others,

the taking on of responsibility

the awakening of an American dream

the practicing of justice here and there

little lights working steadfastly rendering love

Most American youth are not aware how important or how to go about being more powerful, law-abiding, responsible active citizens. How can they even give credence to it also if they do not have the time to create the companies and organizations that will help them create, enter, and reshape the sense of individual responsibility needed to care for community? This is simply not taught in our public schools. We are not taught to be leaders. The redistribution of political power would be massive if millions of American youth grew up prioritizing the use of an empathic, community-centered capitalism that places them as the leaders of their own unique organizations; taking on the responsibility from government to beautify and improve community. Undoubtedly, this new mint of leaders would be outspoken, empowered, and interested in the happenings of the direction of our country. The balance of political power would shift from a few, unto many.

Dad, Special Educator, Political Scientist, Writer. Instagram & YouTube: @CoachBill007