We have a responsibility to raise our children as caring, ladies and gentleman who are savvy enough to join and participate in the national conversations we have in the United States of America. In fact, it is greatly needed that new voices challenge the conversational status quo, and in effect, move the balance of power to be more equally distributed upon an American populace that individually and rightfully activates their citizenship in the most responsible way and manner. To that end, parents and Educators, are of supreme importance in the creation of a new generation of Americans. Firstly though, you must know what the plan is and why that plan is the best blueprint to move forward. Once you agree to the idea, simply begin to advocate in your community to bring about such a reality. Surely, not all have to take on these professions, but having an understanding of their value creates an audience of intellectual minds who become as gatekeepers in allowing the best of themselves to attain greater sway in the national conversation. Nonetheless, the raising and educating of masses of individuals in this regard is an important step forward in enlarging the breadth of American citizen ‘conversants’ partaking in the leadership of the country.

The Plan:

Instruct and support youth to be Community Entrepreneurs, Political Scientist, and public speakers starting in grade school. Teach them to be expressive in the written and spoken word. Entrepreneurs are people who start new businesses, but community entrepreneurs practice empathic capitalism, meaning, they operate in such a mode as to seek the improvement of community. In its purest form, a community enterprise generates profit, or the energy to sustain itself, through service onto others. Political Scientists are critical thinkers. We observe, analyze, think creatively and study the dynamic relationships between governments, societies, cultures, and people of the past and present. We ask questions, extrapolate, create solutions, are open-minded, mentally flexible, and share our understandings. Writers are thoughtful and careful with their words. Essay writings become reflections and the writings become a literary portion of the work that is distilled from the process of being Community Entrepreneurs and Political Scientists.

Community entrepreneurs who have an appreciation of political science precepts have a trained mind that brings a professional perspective that is both linear and abstract in its focus. This makes for a smarter community entrepreneur and a responsive American citizen who is more adept to bring forth sober conversation and a serious, intellectual thought. Such individuals can stop the rise of politics that seek to play to the lowest common denominator. Likewise, these American sentinels raise the quality of conversation and this directly strengthens freedom and liberty. After all, our liberty is eroded and also buttressed with the crafting of words, whereas the gun, though very needful as a presence of ballast in the final protection of our liberties, has no eloquence or sensitivity to the rhetoric required to advance forward the thoughts and feelings of our country.

Community Entrepreneurs can be artists, engineers, Educators, business men and women, kids, small business owners, athletes, architects, musicians, doctors, writers, people with special needs, computer technology professionals, and ordinary American citizens who want to make a positive difference in their community while also putting food on their table from their labors in the endeavor thereof. The best we can do is to begin instructing our children as parents and Educators from an early age to be innovative, financially literate, and interested in the betterment of the lives of others. This shifts our values from being a capitalistic form of economic perspective to one of empathic capitalism.

There is much work to be done! We simply need to train this valued perspective mode of operation into us. I posit that we would have an American economy and society that would excel in its familial leadership and serve as a light of gentle-heartedness and domestic economic strength. Establish an educational curriculum that teaches people to create their own jobs. Entrepreneurs are the engines of our economy already. Create individual economic engines and support the customization of each student to make it motivational and fun for themselves. This would be a revolutionary step forward in collectively engineering a new America. One where each citizen is encouraged to bring their voice and energy in service onto the greater good of all.



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