The Ballast Of The Ship / #theFreedomPapers #government #faith #God

“Get ye out of the way,

turn aside out of the path,

cause the Holy One of Israel to cease from before us.”

Isaiah 30:11

Is multiculturalism a breakaway and/ or politically correct replacement of Judeo-Christian founding principles of government in the United States of America? Can we be a pluralistic nation that retains the Abrahamic God in the center? Are the ideas of the representatives in the Continental Congress’s outdated and needing to be modernized, or do they continue to be the distilled conclusion of much deliberation on how the colonies in North America were to begin to self-govern themselves?

In the social-political light of what was at the time, an English king whom was inflexible, perhaps not advised well, and deaf to even the admonishment of members of his own Parliament, did the American delegates in these first two Congresses do the honest, selfless, critical thinking required to bring sound judgement, excellent public discourse, and responsible appraisal on just what kind of foundational principles were to be used to make decisions?

For the most part, these were not antiquated people filled with wishful thinking or ideas of grandeur, and self-preservation, but men earnestly aware of the gravity and timeliness of what they were doing. Certainly, one of the humblest of these, John Adams, stoked altruism, passion and immediacy, strengthening many a somewhat reluctant Congressional delegates to truly respect what was unfolding, nothing less than the birth of what would be the freest nation on Earth. This Adams had a few books with him throughout his life, and the most sought after of his books which he read was the Holy Bible. It guided him, and it guided George Washington. It guided and was invoked by Thomas Jefferson and practically the entire host of men who were known as the founding fathers.

Fast forward about two hundred and fifty years to the present year of 2018, and we find that throughout the American coasts and in many pockets within the middle of America, we have increasingly become a nation of many different ethnicities and religions. Our Bill of Rights, and our Declaration of Independence bring to attention the need to have our God-given human rights respected; that they not be stripped away from us, but safeguarded and brought into remembrance from generation to generation. So it is that the ballast of our ship which has inspired freedom and liberty for all is the very Word of God then. This is true for all American citizens though they may choose to not believe in the Abrahamic God. It is true that the founding principles of the United States of America rest in the faith that the God guides and protects us according to his Word (and our alignment to his Word). The Buddhist, the Hindu, and even the ‘Spiritualists,’ are given protection to be at ease in their spiritual life and worship or not worship. The Christian is likewise afforded protection to proclaim God’s Word and to take on his or her Christianity as a profession, doing good works and raising families according to their faith.

Our cities, more so than our towns, have become pluralistic societies teeming with multiple cultures, each with their own faiths. The residents of New York City, for example, are millions upon millions of people living in relative harmony with each other though they be so different from one neighborhood, and one street to another. Their are Jewish enclaves, Hispanic and African-American enclaves, and vast swaths of city land that is a mix of culture, sound and color, unlike any other city or town in the world.

Their are multiple cultures then living all in the same nation. But should multiculturalism be identified as an ‘ism?’ Is it a new way of thinking about society? Is the multicultural aspect of the United States of America grounds for redefining the foundational ballast that has kept the ship upright, even paving the way for the welcoming of so many cultures across the centuries?

As elected representatives in government take their seats, in the Executive Office, in the U.S. Congress, and the U.S. Supreme Court, how should they reflect the social demographic of the country? Should the Judeo-Christian backbone be discarded as the main identifying faith of America? Inevitably, elected officials bring with them their faith and viewpoints, and this impacts their decision making process to some degree. Elected officials can strive for political correctness that mirrors their regional voters. Good is good, and citizens want to live in relative peace, be able to achieve goals, and perhaps raise families. Their surely can be and are ways and means on how the commonality of all our faiths can morally bridge together constituents. Our representatives accomplish this daily task while each still maintaining their core faiths and beliefs. Their is inter-faith commonality with the Christian commandment to love and treat each other as we would like to be loved and treated.

Be it so that their are aspects of the American culture that are so liberally intertwined, there continues to be a remnant that is under the Christian faith-umbrella, which is retaining not only the Abrahamic God, but the God of Jacob, the God of Paul, and the God who gave us his only begotten son, his express image in the flesh, the very Word Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The United States of America IS one nation under God. Pledging allegiance to this ideal, is to pledge support for all the freedoms and liberties afforded under the founding Judeo-Christian principles the nation thrives best on. Be one a Hindu, a Shi’a Muslim, or atheist, the Judeo-Christian scripture which inspired the critical, moral thinking of the Congressional delegates, of George Washington out on the battle field and as our first President was and is the ballast of the American ship which protects our individual right to live at peace and pursue happiness. Though it is a subjective opinion, elevating the notion of a pluralistic society to a faux eloquent ideology that ‘multiculturalism’ is some new modern understanding of what the United States of America is at its core, as opposed to reaffirming that we are one nation under the God would be erroneous and begin to number the days of America; a city on a hill. Multiple cultures in one nation is something that IS, and not a philosophy or way of life. Certainly, being one nation from many nations, the U.S. has enriched itself in very good ways, yet it becomes ever more important to retain its founding principles and the hot scripture which inspired its creation. It is not robbery to even say that the Lord protects the United States, as said earlier, according to his will, and our alignment to his Word. Defending the kind of ballast we use on our ship (the country) is pivotal to maintaining the boat on a steady course and free from the danger of capsizing. As President George Washington said, “it is impossible to govern the nation without God and the Bible.”



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