In the best of moments, so many of us come together under an ideology that literally makes us as if one family. Bonded through ideas and the history of all that we have accomplished in order to see that idea upheld.

In the worst of moments, some of us devolve into hate and vitriol, violence and unreasonableness. Those who have been allowed great position to amplify voice, reason and thought seem to misstep, appearing to fan the flames of animosity, brazenly showing that they are steered by single-minded people and agenda-focused entities bent on upturning the very liberties, freedoms and common thoughts which have glued us together, in spite of all our faults.

America is not some failed experiment. America is not an impossible dream, but a real dream. It is a waterfall of dreams coming into reality every second. The waterfall itself upheld by a core mass of collected thought that does rest on the Judeo-Christian concept of the perfect biblical law of liberty. An intractable law that stems from God’s Word that we are to love one another and to look out with empathy for one another. Liberty flows from this love, which is the essence of God.

But politics are different. They are the theater which springs from the freedom to speak and be as we wish allowing for man to unify through pacts and agreements enacted to galvanize specific goals into reality. There are politics which seek to lessen the strength of the United States of America in deference to the rise of globalized institutional gatekeepers, or international governing bodies. There are politics which seek to espouse one race over all others within our borders. I posit even that there are politics which seek to use the amplification tools of television, radio, the entertainment industry and printed news to coax a dream that is not the American dream, but one where the whole world is one political cohesion under a banner of unity through the ‘strength of diversity.’

In this writing, I put forth that we stay within the old landmarks and close to the foundation which has allowed such diversity in thought to exist. We do not have to be religious to accept the Judeo-Christian foundation of the U.S. It is though, a foundation that has worked for over two hundred and fifty years and welcomed diverse groups of people from all over the world to live together in peace. It is the perfect law of liberty that is a simple idea keeping us safe with each other even though we have striking differences. The Christian, the Muslim, the Jew, the Hindu, the Buddhist and the Universalists can live in the same neighborhood because they all subscribe to the

idea behind our constitution, an idea that actually comes straight from the Holy Bible… that we shall love one another. That we shall work with each other, send our children to school with each other, ride the bus with one another and be brought together along certain lines because we believe in the greatness of America, which is ‘us.’ We the people, a whole made up of individuals, make America great every day we choose to live at peace and brotherly love with one another. We can worship as we please, have contrasting political view points as to what is best for our community and raise our children as we best see fit, but we must unite for the right of our common liberty. Love, empathy, respect and an honoring of all those who have kept these and presently keep these must rule the day, rather than apathy, hate, and narrow-mindedness that pits us against each other in unseemly ways.

The children ARE watching us. How we manage to bring out the best of us or how we fail to show our best is all caught. This is why sowing the seeds of service to one another is so important. We do service to one another in the political theater when we allow fair and balanced access to information for as many people as possible. We do service to one another when we create educational systems that seek to raise independent, critical thinking minds that are not subservient to one political viewpoint, but have been cultivated to think for themselves. We do service to one another in creating communities which raise strong voices that have the know-how on how to exercise liberty through intelligent self-expression. We do dis-service to one another and to this perfect law of liberty itself, when we manipulate the educational systems and raise people to mimic our ideologies. We do dis-service to one another and walk not in love or that God-given law of liberty when we harness the power of media to push one political viewpoint and suppress others. We dishonor our heritage which has brought us this far and forward our cultural afflictions when we impose our beliefs on each other. From womb to tomb, every life is precious and must have its rights protected, no exceptions, no matter what. It is the only way that we will move forward, less we allow a small minority of individuals with their own ideologies and beliefs on what is the best way to live be allowed to flourish and strengthen.

The fighting happens when we impose ideology on each other. The fighting happens because our educational systems are not raising masses of critical, independent thinkers who advocate liberty and a respect for the basic principles that have sustained the United States of America. The fighting happens because strong forces fan the flames of division on groups of people who are simply easily led and manipulated far beyond their comprehension, used as pawns in a greater push to enact agendas which do not place the principles of freedom and liberty of America front and center, but that place utopian-minded political ideologies alien to our founding principles.

Why is America great? Why does everyone want to flock to our land? It is because of this perfect law of liberty. I put forth that the value of the critical, independent thinker is underestimated in practice. We do not, on a national level, recognize the utter importance of safeguarding the process to cultivate as many of these as we can. This kind of thinker is industrious, can connect heart and mind and naturally will tend to sow the ground for brotherly love, for empathy that seeks out the good for each other and the respect for the liberties and freedoms that make it all possible.



Dad, Special Educator, Political Scientist, Writer. Instagram & YouTube: @CoachBill007

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Dad, Special Educator, Political Scientist, Writer. Instagram & YouTube: @CoachBill007