The Disrespect Of The Strategy Of Ideological Swarm: An Ends in Itself & Also To Internationalize Command Of America’s Economy

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The United States of America, a nation of laws, founded on the unanimous agreement of natural law, immediately decreed that the protection of human rights, to the assurance that the people be safe and happy, with their fundamental rights being foremost the brick and mortar of our establishment, solemnly declared, that it be the mainstay and cornerstone upon which the whole edifice of our national unity both stands and rests. As such, the presence of efforts and actions of foreign powers and international financial institutions to meddle with the instrumentality of the offices and powers of the American government with the intent to commandeer its economic strength should be observed, deconstructed, and brought forward to the attention of the people.

But in a nation that has become ideologically divided and polarized for short-term political gain, consensus will not be reached. Our Declaration of Independence was our only unanimous agreement because it proclaimed that we are a nation of individual human rights; having these rights as long as we lawfully respect each other’s rights to the same: our national political unity beginning on the foundational proclamation of equitable individual human rights. It is what makes the U.S.A. a unique superpower with the largest economy and most prosperous middle class in the world, because individual liberty and limited government creates the necessary conditions for a ‘free market’ filled with self-determination, innovation, competition, and ingenuity.

Shall we allow a supra-national government commission that is foreign to the United States control our economy, and expatriate our taxes unto their ideological projects in foreign nations? How would that affect our economic and political balance of power in relation to the world? If half of the American nation is against such an action, how shall we preserve the political unity of America? Can we impose a radically different way of life on each other? Should we? Is that pragmatic and the gentlest way to do things?

Who and how shall teach and educate the people to be taught to be independent-minded, critical thinkers, to always be on guard, defending the American way of life from those ever-present schemes and sleights of self-interest that would seek to undermine the economic and political strength of the United States of America? So it be, that although it is the hope that America’s schools produce a maximum number of civilians who are true and unvarnished in their selflessness, that our schools, parents, and communities render a people who are their ‘brother’s keeper,’ the default condition of humanity seems to stray away from assuring such defense and tends to complacency. Most definitely in the age of ‘Tik Tok,’ and short-amusement videos that do not edify character, but default it into a feeling of indifference; altogether, a drain on young American’s mental energy and solemness to civic duty. It is in that complacency that the self-interest of some enters the void left from the required guarding of our liberty’s and the avarice of financial enrichment at the expense of the good of the people occurs; that in the length of time, it unfortunately renders the conditions for factious designs and self-opportunity to advance its position.

And that is what the European Commission has been doing with Janet Yellen, the World Bank, and the Biden administration: an internationalization of ‘commanding & controlling monetary and tax policy, along with an expatriation of vast sums of tax wealth from the United States of America, being channeled through an international central bank that would then deploy the funds according to their chosen ideological solutions in Africa and Asia. Not only is the encroachment on U.S. national sovereignty a disrespect to the people of America, but it is an open attack on our way of life, our Constitution, and the fundamental principles of American’s as an independent people. What is more, the design of self-interest is far into its sprint already: its Global Tax Program initiative is the embodiment of its supra-international, geoeconomic/ geopolitical business influence scheme and a reading of it calls the 130 participating “shareholder” nations who have signed on to the agenda to enact legislation to align their national economy’s as a precursor to fully enabling the machination of the financial/ political power construction.

In the United States of America, the legislation is the Inflation Reduction Act. Both, the World Bank’s Global Tax Program and the Democrats Inflation Reduction Act are aligned in the objective to rapidly bring traditional fuel industries to a halt, in order to create the void for renewable and clean energy markets to profit. As has been carefully described in the U.S. Supreme Courts ruling opinion on West Virginia v. EPA, decided on June 30, 2022, an Environmental Protection Director described the energy transition as more of a business investment opportunity than about climate and pollution stewardship. That particular court’s analysis and decision should not be disregarded, but respected as an independent, and sober study into the transgressions of the EPA as an ideological front for the international agenda that the Democrat Party has aligned with.

What is grievous in the matter, and relevant to the people of the United States is that Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury in the Biden Administration, and former presiding central bank Federal Reserve governor, is that she has been the lead proponent in the foreign lobbying of the 130 nations, on behalf of the World Bank. This represents a conflict of interest with her role as a government official, and it is treason against the Constitution (Article 3, section 3, clause 1), in that she has been willfully and openly aiding and helping the European Commission and World Bank to control the instrumentality of the American government, with the intent to undermine its economy and manipulate its wealth unto its ideological financial schemes, causing tremendous economic disruption to vital American industries (oil, coal, natural gas), that in turn have caused an inflation and volatility of price stability in the United States.

Prior to the Inflation Reduction Act being legislated in Congress in the Sumer of 2022, the same exact actions were outlined in the U.S. Supreme Court’s opinion in West Virginia v. EPA, wherein, a prevailing question was not limited to if there was congressional authorization for actions that were and are exceedingly disruptive to the nation’s fuel industry, but that it was found that such overregulation of the U.S. traditional fuel industry was simply a scheme to create an investment opportunity.

John Adams

Paris, July 21, 1781

Letter to the Comte de Vergennes, Charles Gravier,

Foreign Minister of France

“By this Constitution, all Power and Authority, of negotiating with foreign Powers is expressly delegated to the United States, in Congress assembled. It would therefore be a public Disrespect and Contempt offered, to the Constitution of the Nation if any Power Should make any Application, whatever, to the Governors, or Legislatures of the Separate States.


If the two Imperial Courts Should address their Articles to the States Separately No Governor or President of any one of those Commonwealths, could even communicate it to the Legislature. No President of a Senate could lay it, before the Body, over which he presides. No speaker of an House of Representatives could read it to the House.

It would be an Error, and a Misdemeanour, in any of these officers, to receive and communicate any Such Later. All that he could do would be, after breaking the Seal and reading it, to Send it back. He could not, even, legally transmit it to Congress. If such an Application, therefore, Should be made and Sent back, it would consume, much time to no Purpose, and perhaps have other worse Effects.

There is no method for the Courts of Europe, to convey any Thing to the People of America but through the Congress of the United States, nor any way of negotiating with them, but by means of that Body. I must therefore intreat your Excellency, that the Idea of Summoning Ministers from the thirteen States may not be countenanced at all.”

To be clear, the parameters of that case focused on the ideological command & control of America’s traditional fuel industry with intent to cause a rapid closure of the industry, that a new investment and funding market in renewable energy be created, and not the ‘command & control of America’s monetary and tax policy with final intent of manifesting a funds channel for the expatriation of vast sums of U.S. tax wealth for the ideological funding of investment development programs in foreign nations.

The Inflation Reduction Act completes the pivotal piece of the international business investment scheme that purposes to upend the American economy, as if it were with a ‘horse bit’ that it be made subservient to the geopolitical and geoeconomic interests of the Democrat Party/ European Commission/ World Bank ideological investment agenda. Already, congressional authorization has been given for the continuance of the overregulation of the American traditional fuel industry, causing a stop on its ‘distributive diversification’ with new smaller companies into the market who could enhance competition at the inflection point when the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has published that the United States has more than 50% of all shale oil in the world (4.3 trillion barrels of potentially extractable oil).

If we read that above mentioned Supreme Court opinion, the World Bank’s Global Tax Program agenda report, the Inflation Reduction Act, and we observe and listen to the intentions and objectives of the European Commission we see a clear picture that an alignment is being actively pushed into place, and they are openly proclaiming that the imposition must be done for the good of all, or at least for the good of a ‘global-rules order,’ as European Commission President Vonderleyen exclaims.

Are ‘global-rules order’ synonymous with America’s Declaration of Independence and its Constitution, or is it some different policy that has an ideological construction separate form America’s sovereignty and own judicial order as a nation of laws?

Such ‘command & control’ of U.S. monetary, tax and traditional fuel industry is an imposition and is anathema to the American way of life of economic self-determination and its national sovereignty as decreed in our Declaration of Independence and formally established in our Constitution. We cannot impose on each other national economic upheaval, or legislate away national sovereignty of our economy. Such actions are divisive, polarizing, and cause great societal strife.

The Biden Administration and Janet Yellen openly declare their intentions to legislate away our economy to be an ideological financial economic source of funding with global rule of power being decided in the European Commission’s seat of power in Brussels: this presents a massive shift in the geopolitical and geoeconomic power of the United States, and great imposition of half of its people upon the other half; it being forced through extremist ideological politics to forego its ability to be economically independent and remain as the superpower in the world that is supposed to be the land of liberty, justice, and the opportunity of economic self-determination for all, into having it become the political, ideological, and financial underling of a quasi-socialist, and resolutely elitist group of money robbers.

Abraham Lincoln was for balancing the achievement of preserving political unity under the idea and spirit of liberty and justice for all people, while also preserving the physical and societal integrity of the entire American nation. He understood foreign nations would seek to take advantage of alliances with Southern states. Picture of him on the field of battle with General George McClellan, a traitor to the cause, whom Lincoln questioned again and again as to his loyalties.
He later replaced him with General Ulysses S. Grant.

The Inflation Reduction Act includes the purposed over-regulation of the U.S. oil, natural gas, coal identified by our Supreme Court and the premises, goals, and objectives of the European Commission / World Bank’s Global Tax Program. It has been adopted on party-line voting in Congress and, as usual, the national conversation was co-opted with fast-paced news media programming before the people had time to discuss the legislation, and its connection to the foreign agenda’s being enacted.

No national conversation was truly had, and the fast-pace of congressional authorization is part of the same behavior politic of swarm and control with biased media narratives that spin approval stories; it is always the same mode of process that Democrats use to control public opinion geared towards electioneering the results that they want.

Excerpt from John Adams, A Defence of the Constitution, 1788

Though it be that Janet Yellen and President Biden have no constitutional authority to subdue the United States and its governments in such ways, having actually committed treason against our Constitution, and the basic principles of our fundamental laws meant to preserve our national unity; both helping and aiding what is clearly an enemy to the American people, our historical economic traditions, our sovereign way of life, and its present economy, the silence of the news media, our Congress, and the lack of national conversation on the pressing matter also brings to light the objectivity of mainstream journalism and its relationship to the ideological and economic imposition that is underway. Ultimately, those who impose such agenda on the other half of the nation’s people are pushing towards national division, economic upheaval, political polarization, and societal strife.



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