“The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,

And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power-”

Ephesians KJV 1:18–19

updated 5/25/17 9:08 am

When I story dance, I do so purposefully. I do so meditatively. I enter not into thoughts of self-observation, but with a readiness to connect movement, heart, spirit and mind all in one motion. At times, I close and open my eyes with a focus on my spatial surroundings.

With eyes open I see the dance

with eyes closed I become the dance

With eyes open I see you seeing me

With eyes closed I just am

The dancing started at an early age. Growing up in Puerto Rico, it was almost a prerequisite to move to music. Music and dance is a cornerstone of culture on the island. I would listen to the salsa and merengue on the radio, Phil Collins, The Beatles, and the litany of American classic rock that always abounds on our radio stations. I would listen to the Nuyorican salsa legendary band ‘Fania All Stars’ and then switch it up to Guns and Roses, perhaps some electronic music and definitely Beethoven, Mozart and Maurice Ravel. Music was a constant and as I grew up.

Before and after the death of my late father I began to dance in a new way. It became a regulatory outlet. I realized that I was saying something through my movement. Dancing has been one of my methods of raising and sustaining my energy, praising God and sending a message of individual strength to the abortion lobby and the pharmaceutical lobby. Likewise, it is also a message of free, self-expression to the governmental authorities who condone the current state of vaccines being distributed to the American populace.

We are in a new era and there will no longer be ’business as usual’ with the abortion industry and the ‘Big Pharma’ unsafe vaccine makers. As an essayist, Special Educator and Political Scientist I embarked on certain cultural issues which are the source of controversy and contention across America. Namely, these are the protection of pre-born human life and the utter importance in bringing the United States government to task for allowing the transgression of unsafe vaccines to continue, as well as the big pharmaceutical corporations that make billions of dollars off of them to answer with action the moral call to ‘do no harm.’ These vaccines are replete with heavy metal carcinogens which damage developing brains and fan a growing rise in the kind of autism that surges from brain damage due to harmful vaccine ingredients, like aluminum.

The abortion lobby, a political behemoth floats with half a billion dollars of tax payer money, is just as formidable of a cancer on the United States of America. As a Special Educator and father who’s first born was legally murdered without my consent, these two issues are close to my heart, and so I deem it necessary that the way America lives be changed in having these two commercial-political businesses be brought to heel and end these operations against humanity and God.

So it is that through my essays, my poems, my social campaigns, with my heels, my toes, with the movement of my arms, with my eyes open, and with my eyes closed in meditative movement, I raise, sustain and channel my energy into storydance. The commerical-poiltical entities I am focused on disrupting are tremendous, and so I must be tremendous. I must be unstoppabe. In my story dances, I enter a fight against apathy. I fight with zero violence, but with movement in the hopes of positively disrupting hearts, to catalyze political action in men, women and children, and with fortitude, to galvanize the country out of complacency and into a more spirited democracy.

I am a father. I write essays, I dance, I write poetry, I coach individuals with special needs and I am in the midst of co-forming a two-state skateboard league aimed at teaching technique, as much as creating opportunities between typical and special needs individuals to bridge relationships through peer mentoring and close proximity to each other. I walk into impoverished neighborhoods, like Washington Village in South Norwalk and seek to create opportunities to revitalize the hearts of forgotten people. I take on new social campaigns. I love to do this.

I am active.

Moving and innovating with the goal of being constantly positively disruptive as a social entrepreneur, teacher and artist requires a great amount of physical energy, mental aptitude, clarity of purpose and confidence. The development of my movement to music becomes in itself a song that pulls me forward through the daily process of my different labors and campaigns. As a Christian who respects the faith of others, I see and also respect the gravity of the the spiritual battle before me and recognize the value in the message of increasing our social responsibility and servant leadership as a way of loving ourselves and our families through the love we show our community. We need not all take the same actions to achieve a better American dream, but we can all do something, where we are and with what we have to bring our hearts forward in some kind of service towards a greater good.



Dad, Special Educator, Political Scientist, Writer. Instagram & YouTube: @CoachBill007

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just call me Bill

Dad, Special Educator, Political Scientist, Writer. Instagram & YouTube: @CoachBill007