In not raising generations of critical thinkers we do a disservice to the principles on which the United States of America was founded upon. The ability to think objectively, without bias and in a goal-directed manner supports the threads of freedom and liberty and is a service to our country, specifically to the ideals that our founding fathers championed and established. In not raising generations of children, men and women to think independently for themselves, we run the risk of creating like-minded spheres of political influence at risk of being overrun by singular political forces.

Without independent critical thinkers who can recognize the powerful value to society in their practice of advocacy, we then become a nation of followers resting our minds while giving our hearts to a select ‘elite’ political class of individuals focused on achieving and sustaining power. It is in such ways that freedom dies not in battlefields of war where our soldiers gallantly serve on the frontline of protection to our society, but right on ‘Main Street’ in the heart of the American communities. It is then common sense that to raise such advocating minds we begin to do so through the family-home environment first, and secondarily, our schools.

Our parents then must be the first line of defense of the freedom and liberties we should be enjoying. The responsibility they have in creating simple discussion, asking questions without leading and prompting action from such conversations is in itself the exercise of awakening and strengthening young minds to be routinized in not backing down and accepting how things are and what truth is, but in actively questioning and formulating concerns and solutions aimed at addressing the sustainability of how and why society operates within the United States. Within the scholastic environment, it becomes fare more useful to thread the value of being objective, critical thinkers throughout academic subjects, in effect tying them together allowing students to practice the issues and challenges that beset us with a mind akin to approaching such challenges and societal concerns from multiple perspectives.

It is wholly true then that in treating the ability of critical thinking as a mere subject within the family environment or the academic curriculum, we become blind to that which is most pressing in raising the critical thinkers of ‘tomorrow.’ As it is, in our current condition within our country, we have a dearth of the practice of critical thinking that leads to individual action. To paraphrase Jean-Jaques Rousseau, it is difficult to be noble in taking relevant societal issues if we must work every day from sun up to sundown. Our physical bodies become tired and our minds need rest. So it becomes that those who can earn a living in speaking of, discussing and bringing forth solutions to the critical issues besetting America are the one’s who take the lead (outside of our Armed Forces) in seeing to the maintenance of our ‘American Quilt.’ These people are on established news channels and are called ‘pundits.’ That said, with the advent of social media platforms, the ability to reach a wide audience with a message is now literally at our finger tips. This recharges the individual American citizen to be able to quickly and almost effortlessly challenge the political conversation, shift it, and even take the lead. Time, and this ability to think critically in a productive manner are the two luxuries, nay, the two prerequisites to be able to change and positively disrupt the ‘playing field’ of political discourse and the advent of social media creates an preliminary empowerment of the individual American citizen to advocate just about on the same level as an established, corporate news media entity at a fraction of the price.

But we have a number of formidable threats that directly and negatively impact our individual ability to think critically, and this is immediately placing pressure on our freedoms and liberties.

Not realizing it is just as harmful to this American quilt we are constantly threading and re-threading.

These are:

  1. Not valuing the benefit of building, independent critical thinkers from infancy, but instead, looking to form new generations of Americans who mirror our political inclinations and cultural viewpoints.
  2. Not addressing the the attacks on the human brain by unsafe vaccine ingredients, such as aluminum and carcinogenic ingredients used as vaccine preservatives which directly hinder the brains pineal gland categorized as the center of self-expression and individuality. A people who cannot critically express and advocate is a nation at immediate risk of losing its freedom and liberties.
  3. The prevalence of a main stream news media that is heavily inclined toward a leftist political view, rather than bringing forth news in an objective and unbiased manner. In addition, the prevalence of this same leftist main stream news media conglomerate being funded by corporations involved in the very cultural battles which directly hinder our basic human rights. Namely, unsafe vaccine corporations which continue to create carcinogenic vaccines leading to a negative neurological continuum of mental deficits from attentional deficits to full-blown severe autism. Likewise, the continuance of these news media outlets, supposing to be bastions of freedom and liberty selling commercial air time to such controversial entities as Planned Parenthood, the preborn human extermination company.

Critical thinking asks how national and international news media outlets are able to remain objective and unbiased in the reporting of the cultural battles concerning our human rights when they are receiving funding from the very entities which are being exposed as targeting the inalienable, God-given human rights of freedom and liberty. For example, the well-known social media platform, Twitter, has been alleged by pro-life forces to suppress information and postings looking to expose the darkness of abortion practices while promoting the informational sustenance of abortion provider Planned Parenthood. It so is then that our inherent freedoms and liberties are at tremendous risk on a daily basis and the alarm system is being systematically turned off by the very supposed gatekeepers of truth.

Further, how do our nations schools fall short of championing critical thinking that is free from the political and cultural inclinations of its community and its instructional and administrative staff? Which schools altruistically develop independent, critical thinking minds that are guided to think objectively rather than be drones for liberal or conservative thinking? The greatest failure here is the loss and erosion of our freedoms and liberties. To a dramatic extent, the vestiges of biased, pointed ideology is hidden and rampant in society, and those in political power, as well as their underlings understand this fully, using it to their advantage in propagating their agendas. Even so, it only takes a few, stoic and stalwart harbingers of truth to point out that the emperors have no clothes and that the house is indeed burning.

Protecting our freedoms and liberties is much more than winning political battles and helping sweep one ideology over another into power. Protecting our freedoms and liberties begins with the ability to think about, discern and objectively explore what is going on, how it came to be, and where do we want to go given the systems of governance we have in place. Otherwise, we set the stage for the fall of that which our brave men and women have fought for and continue to safeguard through our collective armed forces. We are then all connected and must each do our part to maintain America’s freedom ringing.



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