The Gaslighting of our Constitutional Understanding & The Original Purpose of the U.S. Government

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“I have found by Experience, that in this Age of the World that Man has an awful Lot, who “dares to love his Country and be poor.”

Liberty and virtue! When! oh When will your Enemies cease to exist or to persecute!

Our Country will be envied, our Liberty will be envied, our Virtues will be envied. Deep and subtle systems of Corruption hard to prove, impossible to detect, will be practised to sap and undermine Us and the few who penetrate them will be called suspicious, envious, restless turbulent ambitious — will be hated unpopular and unhappy.

But a succession of these Men must be preserved, for these are the salt of the Earth. Without these the World would be worse than it is.”

Letter To Abigail Adams, from John Adams, Paris, April 16, 1783

Few generations, said George Washington and John Adams, are fortunate to produce brilliant minds and hearts that are selfless. How shall we fare in our present?

What is the path of national political unanimity that our elected representatives in government and our Justices should follow, bringing about the gentlest and fastest way to political stability, economic success, and faith in government?

Adams saw that the governments encouragement and support of the people to be individually industrious, innovative, and economically self-determined was/ is essential to the strength of the nation. His reasoning of how the U.S. Constitution was put together, defended its legal efficacy and simplicity in being a functional form of self-correcting, self-government procured to work best as a gentle, solemn body.

The original ‘natural law’ understandings were prescient to the delegates in our Continental Congress, as they assembled themselves as a limited collection of power through ‘collections of authority’ needed to establish the best form of government that championed individual human rights. Namely, these ‘collections’ of power of the people happened with the representative assembly of the people in the ultimate success of the Continental Congress (1774–1787): with the Declaration Of Independence proclaiming a new nation founded upon equal human liberty and justice for all, and with the ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

John Adams

Memorial to the States General of the Netherlands,

Leyden, April 19, 1781

“This immortal Declaration, of the fourth of July one thousand seven hundredseveny six, when America was invaded by an hundred Vessels of War, and, according to Estimates laid before Parliament, by fifty-five thousand of veteran Troops, was not the Effect of any sudden Passion, or Enthusiasm; but a Measure, which has been long in deliberation among the People, maturely discussed in some hundreds of popular Assemblies, and by public Writings in all the States: it was a Measure, which Congress did not adopt, until they had received the positive Instructions of their Constituents: it was then unanimously adopted by Congress, subscribed by all its Members, transmitted o the Assemblies of the Several States, and by them respectively accepted, ratified and recorded among their Archives: so that no Decree, Edict, Statute, Placart or fundamental Law of any nation was ever made with more Solemnity, or with more Unanimity or Cordiality adopted. as the Act and Consent of the whole People, than this: and it has been held sacred to this day by every State with such unshaken Firmness, that not even the smallest has ever been induced to depart from it; although the English have wasted many Millions, and vast Fleets and Armies in the vain Attempt to invalidate it. On the contrary, each of the thirteen States has instituted a form of Government for itself, under the Authority of the People; has erected its Legislature in the several Branches; its Executive Authority with all its Offices; its Judiciary Departments and Judges; its Army, Militia, Revenue, and some of them their Navy: and all these Departments of Government have been regularly and constitutionally organized under the associated Superintendency of Congress, now these five Years, and have acquired a Consistency, Solidity and Activity, equal to the oldest and most established Governments.”

Adams, a critical thinker, lawyer, farmer, statesman, diplomat and political scientist wrote that a constitutional routine of elections creates a passive lever of power of the people to take legislative action, or clear government office, if need be, through the election of their chosen congressional representatives. He, Hamilton, Madison, and Jay, as well as George Washington saw that the greatest threat to the originalist interpretation of fundamental law and through that, the very essence of the purpose of the American government, would constantly be threatened with factions and the prevalence of factious spirit within government as an instrument that can be manipulated unto narrow ends, rather than the unanimous good of all.

To provide some self-correcting mechanisms for the people, in the Continental Congresses, the founding fathers thought and reasoned upon the practical and historical significance of balanced government split into a collection of three branches, each having a ‘negative’ on the other, including the additional provision of a strong Executive Office, and a split of the house of senators into the lower house (House of Representatives), and the upper house (Senate). Therein, a limited government could be gently altered with the change of personnel in the legislative and executive branches.

John Adams, argued in his set of letters, that the process of voting, can, in a calm manner displace the entrenchment of factions within government (self interest distinct from unanimous good of all).

The split of three, equally powerful branches of government, Adams put forth, was a natural, uneven number that when applied unto government, creates the necessary balance and tension of governmental powers that is ultimately the most effective form of government to ever exist on Earth. Adams continued that the American Constitution could continue for a millennia as a political science experiment, far surpassing the democracy of Rome as a truly representative constitutional republican government best situated to protect the people; remaining centered as a nation of laws; with its fundamental laws, and the laws derived from these serving the original legal understanding and national agreement upon which the nation formed. Those agreements were & are the Declaration of Independence, for a few years — our Articles of Confederation, and when it was understood by the fathers of our nation that a greater specificity of government, duty, powers, balanced proportions of representatives, and ‘negative checks’ relationship amongst the presidency, the congressional houses, and the Supreme Court, altogether achieving the best collection of authority that will suffice the people’s yearning for such a land of individual equal liberty and justice, withstanding the tests of time and tumult in relative peace, while still maintaining legal compass of the government as an instrument that champions the originalist purpose of establishing the nation, in accordance to the spirit & letter of its fundamental laws, and the will of the people. The law itself exemplifying its purpose of service ‘of us,’ as in, “ we are the people who make the government to work ‘for us,’ the same people who live in the land.

Thus, it behooves us a people primarily seeking to maintain our individual human rights as legal equals in our land, with the safety of having just courts premised on selflessly defending the laws according to that original understanding: making for the gentlest form of government that is answerable to ‘the people.’ Legal equals as human beings, regardless of religion, hereditary titles, skin color, ethnicity, or walk of life; choosing to be a nation of laws that champion the natural rights of humanity. Our first declaration not being some free-standing document, but woven into the creation of our nation, it both declared humanity on the American land individually free, and also declared to create a government to keep that individual liberty.


Is the best path to force an over-regulation of America’s traditional energy fuel industry? — That a developmental investment clean energy scheme (Global Tax Project) spearheaded by the Democrat Party, the Federal Reserve, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, the European Commission & international banks (World Bank), solidify control of our legislative language (Inflation Reduction Act, 2022) siphoning large portions of U.S. tax money into monetary transfers that are collected, managed, and re-distributed according to the plans of a world-based international rules order that does not prioritize the unanimous interest of Americans, or an America that is economically resilient?

A strange re-casting of the geoeconomic and geopolitical world balance with America serving as (1) a tributary to the whims & ideologies of an international order of central banks; (2) an elitist group with a business investment strategy (3) requiring the weakening/ delegitimization of American originalist fundamental law interpretation, (4) a disregard for the most careful and thoughtful stewardship of the American national economy, (5) a dramatic default on educational standards that prioritize a racist doctrine (CRT) instead of critical thinking, (6) and a negative targeting of the U.S. traditional energy industry exactly at the time that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has published that the U.S. has half of all the producible shale oil in the world, and the Supreme Court has published its June 2022 ruling opinion deconstructing the scheme of targeting the U.S. traditional energy market.

What is the path of national political unanimity that our elected representatives in government and our Justices should follow? Is it not so that the fastest way to political stability, economic success, and faith in government, is also the gentlest?

It would seem that the way would be slow, given that approaching the national agreement of hundreds of millions of Americans who are represented in government through their states elected officials may be downright impossible.

Finding the best, center way for the greatest quality of life, economy, and judicial practice of equal liberty and justice for all, must begin and land on the gentlest, harmless principles of America being a nation of laws created from a solemn regard for the natural law of human rights, and the creation of government for said purpose: the original proclamations of fundamental law and the linking of them with the establishment of all the people of the United States of America as one people in 1776, and in 1787 with the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

Whereas, his fellow colleagues and founding fathers of the American nation wrote ‘The Federalist Papers,’ (John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison) introducing the Constitution itself to the people through 85 independently published essays; detailing the structure and its inner workings, powers, duties, limitations, and diverse functions of government offices, John Adams, in his published letters in ‘A Defence of The Constitutions of Government of the United States of America,’ contributes a special literary work of great, practical, judicial, legislative, executive, and prescient national significance for our time due to that he seeks to express the fairness, practicality, and reasonableness of the structure of the American constitutional republic when compared to other experiments in government across time. The threat of faction to the life of a functioning government ‘of & for the people’ was his great thought and forewarning, also joining George Washington in communicating the utter need for the nation’s educational standards to raise up great, independent, critically thinking minds as healthy sentinels of the gentlest, safest path, according to the original spirit of the American law. He saw that the built-in supports and safety checks within the Constitution would make the nation thrive for the longest time possible because its foundational ’spirit of the law’ is the natural, self-evident, unalienable natural law of humanity, this being the gravitational ballast of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

In his writings, John Adams, conversational, ‘on-point’ and ‘down-to-earth’ in his letters, expresses the Continental Congress’s deliberation and reasoning in studying the efficacy of different governments across time, how those performed in completion, why they showed promise, where they failed, and finally, his sincerest approach unto the intellect of his reading audience, as he offers why the American system, in the ‘originalist’ understanding that he had of it, is simply the best, safest form of self-government:

The ultimate effect of the constitutional republic government, he put forth as a political scientist & expert diplomat, was that the people be safe, happy, educated and at peace. These conditions would & do naturally flow from the practice of an ‘originalist,’ just interpretation of Constitutional law amongst the Supreme Court personnel, from a vibrant and thriving national economy that is ‘free’ from ideological regulations, and in fact, allowed to be individually diversely distributed: teeming with small business creation. The right conditions flow also from exacting a standard of dynamic education (economically independent, critical thinkers) that shapes truly, objective, analytical, and civic-minded 21st century American citizens, that the whole stability of our nation be assured. So it is, whereas a strong executive office is required to make decisions in a timely manner to effect the continuity of a safe and happy people, without that strong executive office, or in the absence of a president striving lawfully to genuinely attain that unanimity in the tone and action of their leadership, the Presidency can become, and is even today, — a source of national political polarization, rather than a good steward of true political peace, individual economic strength, and skillful diplomacy that is selfless and in allegiance to the founding revolutionary spirit that prizes individual human liberty with government being ‘of us & for us.’

Did John Adams speak of the importance of critical thinking & political science being taught to each American generation? Yes. That from that fountain, the nation may have the best odds at creating dynamic ‘national resiliency,’ with American’s who are objective, analytical, and with a penchant for civility in their advocacy; striving lawfully; valuing the effect of being well-informed ‘constitutional originalist, — ’ understanding the spirit & intent of what kind of service the law was created to render, and how that contrasts with how the law is presently being interpreted.

How else will we have the informed and independent intellectual reasoning to heed the warnings of the writers of ‘The Federalist Papers:’ that the great threat to all governments has always been a factious spirit of self-interest that is distinct from the unanimous good of all the people?

Looking at the present divide in the interpretation of Constitutional law (fundamental law) as it pertains to the right to life, between 1973 and 2022, that right to life was interpreted differently amongst the personnel of the U.S. Supreme Court with the ruling opinion being that the beginning of us as humans, in all our uniqueness, glory and fragility, as we grow into becoming these tremendously intelligent humans, could have our life ended while still in the womb. Suddenly, life & liberty, two historical cornerstones that truly brought us together, though we be such a diverse people from all nations, could be decided in such a way that women could get a human in their womb aborted and killed, — legally.

Popular Sovereignty

A person could legally own another person,

and the government, nor anyone else,

can say anything about it.

Is political national unity the priority of the Democrat Party, as it exists in its present form as a ‘tent of political lobbying groups,’ each with their self-interest, in example, the international abortion lobby that commandeers half a billion dollars from the U.S. government each year?

The Democrat Party resurrected ‘popular sovereignty:’ the same governing principle that the Democrat’s expressed as the justification for slavery through their spokesperson in the 1850’s, Senator Stephen Douglas. This is the same Stephen Douglas that debated Abraham Lincoln, and through their public speeches, one expressing the righteousness of slavery and the spirit and letter of the law as agreeing with the trade, with Lincoln deconstructing his opponents ideological underpinnings, including distinguishing the congressional intent, as found in government record, of the founding fathers to avoid tumult and quietly and quickly end the barbarism of slavery. Their work is recorded in the congressional record, and secondly through their writings, and finally, once again brought forward in Lincoln’s intellectual prosecution of slavery and the unanimous good of the people and American government. Lincoln was striving lawfully for the gentlest, original intent for the purpose of government, seeing that the life of the political unity of the nation was in the fold. George Washington successfully worked with Congress to constrain slavery from expanding into new territories, and with Congress, from being imported into the nation. Whereas, John Adams refused to own slaves, and was resolute with the founding fathers that slavery had to be brought to an end if the nation was to survive as one championing the right to life and liberty.

These individuals mentioned, saw faction afar off as the great ‘catapulto’ and downfall of all nations, because government can, has been, and is used for narrow ends. For what is government, but offices with powers, duties, and limits: our elected representatives filling these offices, with the duty of having to do their work according to the letter and spirit of the Constitution.

On what shall the political peace and unity of Americans stand then, and is it not a spirit of liberty and justice for all, agreeing to have these rights as long as we lawfully respect the rights of all others, that if these rights are not lawfully respected we can seek redress through the courts and law enforcement? But we also agreed to form as one people that we may form and have an army of soldiers to protect us. And what should that army of soldiers fight for? These ideas at the core of what should be our national unity do matter, our understanding of these things does matter. — It is the greatest country of all time because of its principles of cherishing equal liberty and justice for all. These principles are our fundamental laws. An American can find them written as the definitive letter & spirit of just law in our Declaration of Independence, and in the Bill of Rights within our Constitution. That because we have our fundamental liberties, we can also self-determine our economic life, is the reason that the American economy is also the greatest in the world.

But now there is this strife in the land. The Democrat Party ‘tent of factions’ does not only have environmental business investment alliances with an international, socialist geopolitical / geoeconomic global cabal of elites, but the Democrats are resolute in having the abortion industry entrenched in its instrumentality of government through representatives who had to adhere to the ‘abortion litmus test.’

Again, What is the path of national political unanimity that our elected representatives in government and our Justices should follow, the gentlest and fastest way to political stability, economic success, and faith in government?

Those who are for abortion appear fierce and vehement in their stance and in response to the Supreme Court ruling opinion in the summer of 2022, proclaiming abortion as unconstitutional and not within the historical context of what our land of liberty and justice for all has always been about. The issue of us being human and having our life legally protected is of essential importance to the continuity of our nation. That is to say, the relevancy of the breakdown in national political unity on such a core fundamental law should be such a powerful motivator to awaken the hearts of the people unto lawful action to make ‘being harmless,’ the new ‘normal’ and that the interpretation of Constitutional law once again completely returning to the gentlest interpretation, safeguarding the human right to life, and in doing so, re-legitimizing the strength of the Supreme Court:

Greater will be the abrasiveness, the tumult & societal polarization if abortion is not rapidly hindered, limited, constrained. Because it is not only the life of the individual, but the people’s faith in the responsible, legitimate stewardship of government, according to the letter & spirit of the Declaration of Independence & the U.S. Constitution.

The right to our own life & individual liberty are the most valuable fundamental natural laws of humanity, and we proclaimed and recorded these rights as the most important national ideas that could bring the most unanimous agreement amongst such a diverse citizenry in two great collections of authority from the people, by the people, and for the sake of the people: the Declaration of 1776, and the Constitution (1787) .

Is it intolerance of the Democrat Party to force a societal normalization of human abortion amongst the people, though there is so much opposition to abortion? Will the selling of abortion pills in all communities of the United States of America bring greater peace, or dramatically increase division in our communities? What shall the Supreme Court say in 2023 as it decides if abortion-on-demand pills from a CVS & Walgreens pharmacy can be sold? How shall its decision edify the strength of the Court’s legitimacy as a gentle, yet strong and just magistrate of fundamental law?


The accomplishment of the people of the American colonies to form and support the first Continental Congress: representatives of each colony establishing the American government was unique in its dynamic attainment of success done with the greatest foresight, with and most solemn attention for the greatest good and regard for individual human life and liberty, that we be safe & happy, age and generation after age and generation; government being established to assure protection of these inalienable, self-evident human rights, that in that gentle mode, — unanimity of national spirit to support equal liberty and justly interpret the law, according to its original meaning.

Otherwise, in the changing of the ‘originalist’ understanding of the establishment of the American nation, what we have is devalued human life: a nation founded on the value of life, having its core principle become altogether opposite in its letter & spirit. The validity of the Supreme Court, the people’s faith that the government is ‘of us and for us,’ according to the original spirit and intent of the founding fathers requires the gentle interpretation of Constitutional law, that the nation and its people be saved from the senseless slaughter of abortion and international economic exploitation.

It was our founding fathers, and the work of champions of liberty & and justice for all, having strived lawfully, having been selfless, understanding that we are best as a people who value human life, and the centering of the purpose of our government around this value; this position being the very gentle nature that allows us to thrive as individuals, members of families, communities, and as one American people:

These are our principles as the people who inherit the Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution. We are about life &liberty, that ‘we the people’ be safe and happy.

But where are our sentinels today? And where are the sons & daughters who will stop the wars from happening before they happen, where are the intellects and the lawful striving for political unity without subverting our economy unto a strange balance of world order where ‘elitist socialism’ dictates the new normal according to their changing narrative?

Ardent American civilians would undoubtedly need the critical thinking minds of political scientist, rising from their seats to thoughtfully, gently, and solemnly defend and restore, rather than impose, gaslight, and distract. These are not necessarily our brave soldiers with guns, or our dedicated police officers at-the-ready, but civilians. — Our sons and daughters who put on that legal mind of Abraham Lincoln, having read his speeches and writings, finding that we love the selfless man, — because he loved the U.S. first, and put himself, heart and mind into a special kind of fight, one of gentle stewardship and striving for national unanimity.



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