The American women suffragists of black skin color were segregated by the white-skinned women suffragists.

In the entirety of his 120 years of earthly life, Moses was physically and mentally resilient, and yet he was so meek and humble that the Supreme Being of heaven and Earth commented on it. According to the Most Intelligent, no man that has walked the Earth, except Jesus & Elijah, had such a close relationship with the Creator, as did Moses.

God called him the Man of God; the Friend of God.

The work of Moses included being the only judge for about 1.5 million people over the course of 40 years. Seeing how the people wearied him, his father-in-law, Jethro, a priest & leader of his own tribe, advised him to have magistrates or judges of and for each of the 12 Jewish tribes to help ease the daily work of justice. Moses’s adherence to a pure, unalloyed source of truth, justice, and liberty was unlike any other experience or story, because it is written that he literally talked with the Creator of Life often.

In his first 40 years of life, Moses was a prince, educated with the royal Egyptian family of that time. Thus, upon his 40th year of life, aware that he was a Jew, he goes to visit the 1.5 million enslaved Jews to see how they live. It is at that point that Moses begins to experience the divide in his heart & mind and the need to reach peace of heart & mind. Foregoing the ease of royal life, and having understanding, he ultimately brings forth a determined passion to separate himself from simply appeasing the earthy dominion of his Egyptian family, choosing instead, with some incredible Supreme help, to be with and emancipate the enslaved people.


In the United States of America, we are a people who have pledged allegiance to what our flag represents, with understanding of the significance of ‘why this allegiance should be’ varying with each individual. Our education; meaning, that ‘schooling’ we get as children and young adults has the most formative impression upon us, directly coalescing our ideation of what liberty is, what the Declaration of Independence sais in a straightforward manner, and how we should respond in our life to it all.

Beyond being mentally cornered into a blind, uninformed, passionate sense of patriotism, the truly educated person naturally becomes a critical thinker; independent in thought, and ready to give a good defense of the unalloyed, that is to say, pure or original understanding of the spirit of liberty. Therein is justice! To be just is to be fair; having wholesome discernment without bias or prejudicial thought — not according to the legal or political status quo at any given time, but in accordance with that original spirit of liberty. That the people have these fundamental rights above the authority of government, though we be a nation of laws. So it is that though we be an empire of laws, the fundamental core laws of personal liberty; that we are created equal, that we have a right to life and to protect that life are not to be infringed upon.

Yet infringed upon they have been. In America, until 1865, we have made men, women and children the property of men. Until 1920, women of all skin colors were legally and politically regarded as second class citizens, and until 1964, we had a local and national community that segregated, or separated Americans of black skin color from public places, and denigrated their ability to find or create the employment they wanted. Through all this time we were that nation of laws. It was not until certain champions sprung forth to challenge the legal and political status quo.

Benjamin Banneker challenged the status quo.

John & Abigail Adams challenged the status quo.

John Quincy Adams challenged the status quo.

Frederick Douglass challenged the status quo.

Abraham Lincoln challenged the status quo.

The black & white-skinned American women suffragists challenged the status quo.

American writer Harriet Beecher Stowe challenged the status quo.

Attorney Thurgood Marshall challenged the status quo.

Martin Luther King challenged the status quo.

Ronald Reagan challenged the status quo.

Outside of the United States, English Parliamentary member & constitutional reformer, William Pitt challenged the status quo.

English Writer Charles Dickens challenged the status quo.

Indian Attorney Mohandas Ghandi challenged the status quo.

What they all shared was that unalloyed spirit of liberty & justice, BECAUSE they were educated; their reasonable passion compelling them to care for what could be the best community integration for all people.

It is in our best interest to care about what type of community we are to have. Will it be one that creates a seismic division amongst the people, bringing us into ideological battle on social media and within our own family? Is that right? What does victory manner if the product of the ideological battle that has divided America is simply to maintain that division? We do have that division. Can you see it, my friend? The fault line is upon the issue of our unborn children. Does it bother you to make awareness of that? It is not my intention to make us sullen, but it is my intention to see to it that none of our humanity is discarded as it has been more than the official tally of 63 million since January 22, 1973.

I see that the preservation of our nation is best when we take that Declaration of Independence at its word; in a straightforward reading it is clearly stated that we are created equal, that we have a right to life and a right to protect that life, moreover, our government of us and for us is instituted specifically for the protection of us and our liberty. Any other manner of reading the simplicity of it begs the question of the intentions of those who would see to parcel out different understandings from it.

We have become a politically divided people, and the preservation of our national unity, and the creation of true peace in the land evades us because one side requires the appeasement of the other, and because our Supreme Court was stacked with chosen individuals who adhered to certain ideological understandings, rather than being the independent critical thinkers that we deserve.

Our duty as parents, individuals, and local, state, and federal government officials:

Benjamin Banneker recreates
the blueprint for our nation’s capital.
Seen here with George Washington.

Our red, white, and blue flag, like art, will have different meanings to all based on the quality of education we have gotten and also given ourselves. That education that we get and give ourselves becomes as a droplet of water that pushes, and flows its unique signature within a greater national story, and ultimately, that same droplet reaches the global story, giving strength, distracting, weakening, or re-directing what that American way of life (with liberty & justice for all) is. If we do not understand that it is ultimately our duty to be a critical thinking, independent people, well versed in the practical, fundamental ideas of our Declaration of Independence then it becomes easier for our liberties to be eroded, reshaped, reframed, and repackaged, according to the narrow, short-sighted special interest of those who would use the resources and position of our government as an instrument for their ends. In this sense, a trained intellectual vigilance becomes the foundation for the people to think and feel ready to be part of the conversation.

Those fundamental ideas in our nation’s first public essay are supposed to be the one set of ideas Americans can agree on in order to preserve the union. Ideas focused on the defense of people’s liberty: again, that we are all created equal, that we have a right to life, to protect that life, to speak our thoughts, to get together and share ideas, and a right to be happy. Our government is tasked with the protection of this liberty, and we the people are tasked with electing and monitoring our own government, that there be true justice.

A standard set of educational benchmarks from elementary on through college should be enough to help design instructional vision and learning success, followed with private/ public community supports. But do the people, — do our elected representatives, does our government actually want a whole nation of outspoken Americans? I think not. Our flag, like art, has diverse meanings to all based on the quality of education we have gotten & given ourselves. Exactly what these fundamental educational parameters should be are of great importance. The American people should enjoy a greater duty for the caring of themselves as a whole body when we take on a more dynamic role in the conversation of our local, state, & national community. It starts with a smart, practical education that mints independent, critically thinkers. In those conversations that become laws and ordinances, in those conversations that decide if the human life in the womb is of equal created value as the life of those outside of the womb. In those conversations regarding how special interests organizations and corporations with vested interests may manipulate our government for their own narrow ends. In those conversations wherein we also discuss what our response should be to foreign nations who seek to undermine the strength and health of our sovereignty; of our way of life.

Dad, Special Educator, Political Scientist, Writer. Instagram & YouTube: @CoachBill007