The Rebirth of America/ Only Love Will Keep Us Together

Politics is not about doing the right thing. It is a instrument of strategy to attain legislative, executive, and judiciary power using government as another tool, wherein the winners achieve these different outlets of power, along with prominent employment, and a platform to further maintain such combinations of power. The complete effect is the establishment of particular visions.

2020 is a presidential election year on the heels of a vicious political campaign mounted by a ‘political left’ conglomeration of printed news, internet & social media companies, large swaths of the entertainment industry, university-level academic institutions and the current Democratic Party against what appears to be an attempt to remove President Donald Trump from the executive office of the presidency. He is on the political right and has sided with a conservative, America-centric perspective that is anathema (completely the opposite) to the work of the last three presidents, spanning 24 years. The question put forth is, is this about Donald Trump, or is this about something far deeper? How powerful is the presidency to effect change in the country? Some of his accomplishments include,

  1. cutting of financial regulations & taxes in favor of promoting businesses,
  2. support for traditional energy resources like oil, including fracking,
  3. actions to renegotiate international treaties and keep international organizations from further encroachment on American sovereignty,
  4. judicial appointments of over 200 federal judges, with successful nomination of two Supreme Court judges.
  5. taking a number of actions to stop federal domestic and international government support of abortion, including ending international funding for it, and separating from the doctrine of the United Nations that has resolutely aligned itself with ideological establishment of abortion as a mainstay program to be actively promoted in African countries and third world regions.

Where did this conservative overhaul of America find its roots? Was it President Ronald Reagan on March 8, 1983 in an incredible powerful speech before the nations evangelical association? Or did it begin before that in the hearts and minds.. of regular American citizens.. Moms and Dads, Christians…What do people like the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, John Quincy Adams, and John & Abigail Adams have to do with this conservative perspective of life & liberty?

Surely, it matters who the President is. He has actively worked in unison within a ‘conservative,’ political right strategy to roll away the immediate constructs of a globalized vision of America wherein its sovereign power was being made increasingly subservient to an international system of morals and laws espoused or managed by a global cadre of elites, not necessarily Americans themselves. It has not been the work of one person, but a coordinated team effort to bring the political left vision to a halt and establish the conservative array of values long-thought to be core American values: life & liberty, less intrusive government interference in business, and the inclination to assert American sovereignty rather than further authorizing international organization sovereignty.

In his first week of office, the President made it clear that he was going to actively work to unsurp the abortion industry. He might as well have hit every beehive in town. The opposition to him is actually not about him, but because as President he has placed himself in that conservative vehicle that has been in the engineering process for decades, he became the one who had to be stopped. Just like the ‘political left’ worked over the course of the 20th century to coordinate a political strategic take over of the judicial, legislative, executive and cultural direction of the country; setting forth its ideology, the conservative movement to reform America unto its traditional values has been actively working to counter what it has deemed an erosion of family values, an ‘America first’ perspective in business, and a moral standing at home and abroad.

What vision of America will be triumphant? Can common ground be found, or should the extreme political tension of two very opposite visions create a very politically divided reality?

Are their mechanisms that can be introduced to diffuse and re-distribute power with a clear favoring of American life & liberty? The leadership of the political left has made it very clear that their number one priority is to safeguard the legality of abortion before any other Democratic agenda issue. That decision unmasks the Democratic Party as a stand-in for the abortion industry, and it begs the question, will the real Democratic Party please stand up? At the heart of the matter are the deaths of 61 million American unborn children since 1973 through the legality of abortion. These have been dismembered, chemically-burned, vacuumed out of the womb, and altogether experienced, painful and atrocious deaths. It has also been found that organs are harvested and sold, and campaigns to extend this form of society to African countries is an active undertaking of the international abortion industry. Talking about it in news media only further politicizes (weaponizes) the issue, and as such, it is the silent center of the biggest storm America has ever faced.

What is to be made of the Democratic Party with all this death and its priority allegiance to abortion before any other issue? Were are the pro life Democrats? If they are not going to speak, will the pro life Republican Americans reach out to them to unify a pro life America government? Can we have politics without the thousands of deaths every day? Do our young women, our daughters, have to live in a society where abortion is king?

What would God say about his sons and daughters being discarded in such a way?

A deft, agile, and relentless conservative push has disrupted the trajectory of American ‘power’ then.

Rosa Parks refused to be denigrated by the political power structure of her day.
Rosa Parks refused to be denigrated by the political power structure of her day.


When Jesus began his Sermon on the Mount, the political establishment of that day were caught blindsided by a new form of power; the power to gently influence hearts and minds with a focus on God. The leaders realized that Jesus was not actively fomenting a military or civil government apparatus, but they nonetheless saw their own power over the citizens of Israel ebb as multitudes began to follow and throng him. They had never experienced anything like this. They could not pin him down, nor would he play their games. He is smart. How could one person be loved and sought after in this manner by so many?

The flow of power had been disrupted, this they understood.

What was to be made of this..Jesus, ‘Son of Man?’ He was talking and walking, performing incredible miracles, and staying calm. He was sharp and astute in his thinking and simple with his spoken words; so much so that people loved to listen to him. He was not communicating in some senate or political chamber whereby an equality of rules could control his speech, but he was out in the open, speaking freely.

Former President John Quincy Adams was considered a nuisance in the House of Representatives. Southern state congressional leaders simply did not want the former Secretary of State, Senator and pioneer American diplomat to get any discussion or legislative action on his agenda to end slavery on account that the ideals on which the United States of America were founded were based on justice and liberty, therein proclaiming that the country would need to disband due to its not adhering to the norms that it was founded upon.

He put forward a citizens petition to end the United States of America! This, the son of John and Abigail Adams, called for the end of America! He was not charmed by the flag, nor the historicity of the country. Instead, he escaped and transcended its stale nostalgia and sided with the ephemeral notion that life and liberty for some is not justice for all, but an elitist and hierarchical form of living that denigrates a portion of humanity, subjugating it as an economic benefit for the enrichment and sustainment of a ruling class. He understood that the southern states in the mid-1800s had built a system of living based on the exploitation of the free labor of a select group of humans of African descent. The economy of the southern plantation owners during the slave era banked on the oppression of these people with complete power over their ability to have personal freedom, raise and keep family, attain education, grow economy, develop culture, and practice a chosen religion or belief.

John Quincy Adams was disrupting the flow of power in government. He did not love the red, white and blue flag, but what it was supposed to stand for. Like Jesus clearing out the temple of the money-changers and merchants, John Quincy Adams entered into the House of Representatives after a long, successful career in government and became a sentinel, even a lighthouse in a sea of noise, fashioning himself as the sober, untamed lion within the American government.

Frederick Douglass, another untamed lion, also mirrored Jesus in his visiting countless towns, cities, calling for Americans to live up to the just idea of God-endowed life & liberty. Frederick Douglass was a relentless Christian reasoning through the written and spoken word with as much of the American community as he could. He visited with the kindled fire of razor-intellect, dry humor, and humble eloquence that envelopes one who is altruistic for the basic human right to live. He did not love that red, white and blue flag either, but held on steadfast to what it was supposed to stand for!

He loved what it was meant to stand for!

Justice and liberty for all! Life and liberty!

American government was supposed to be about protecting the people’s independence within the intrinsic, God-endowed right to life. These people were incredibly educated citizens, and they endeavored for a more perfect union that lived up to these ideas.

Now we are faced with the political division of America. Is it possible that Democrats and Republicans find common ground in 2020?


Pro life Democrats and pro life Republicans can unify as a pro life America government, shaping a conciliatory partnership based on a genuine resolve to work together. It is said that there are 20 million pro life Democrats. If that be the case, the conservative political agenda needs to value as a first regard, the unification of pro life Americans, instead of a Republican majority that is pro-choice by default as it may say it is pro life, yet prioritizes its own agenda balance of issues. Every human life matters. In his essay, Abortion & the Conscience of a Nation, President Ronald Reagan understood that he was part of an important spiritual, moral battle to guide and protect the value of the life & liberty of Americans. Life is not to be trifled with or made to wait for enough of a pro life Republican legislative and judicial majority to be realized, but requires the combined loving strength of all Americans to once and for all restore the sanctity of life in the womb, and in doing so, bring in a genuine political unification between Democrats and Republicans, devoid of the divisive nature of the abortion industry and its marketing conglomerates.

Prioritizing the life & liberty of unborn American children is the only foundational starting point for a unification of Democrat and Republican citizens and a golden opportunity for pro life Democrats. Will President Trump have the courage to intreat pro life Democrats? Will pro life Democrats become outspoken to call upon pro life Republicans to form a pro life American government? It is an end to an America of apathy, and a re-birth to an America based on the power of love. Again, pro life Democrats would have to galvanize whole-heartedly with a clear agenda that places the protection of the human life in the womb first, and our pro life President would have to address the pro life Democrat constituency in a concerted manner and proclaim his steadfast determination to form a unified, Lincoln-esque government platform. Only a pro life America perspective ends the political division of the abortion Democrat Party, in effect neutralizing it and giving rise to a pro life Democrat Party.

Such unification is needed. Are individual pro life Americans ready to begin exercising their right to form a better union, or will they be spectators in this battle of blood, ideas, values, and what it means to be an American? How and wherein we prioritize life & liberty amongst the other issues of the land matters. Is President Trump ready to play increase his verbal agility along with his administration; ready to distinguish between pro life Americans and abortion Democrats? We must drive a wedge amongst these two! Are pro life Democrats ready for team work with pro life Republicans? Only love will keep us together. If so, we are at the cusp of the rebirth of America, and American politics.

Dad, Special Educator, Political Scientist, Writer. Instagram & YouTube: @CoachBill007