The Red, White, and Blue Wall of Freedom & Liberty / #education #humanrights #leadership (6 minute read)

Through the ancient biblical prophet, Nehemiah, God declared to the wall builders; rebuild the broken down wall of jERUSALEM, BUT BE ON-GUARD AT THE SAME TIME.

What are the 21st century skills needed for new American citizens in order to be a nation that develops the best type of leaders?

The best type of leaders are people who place others before themselves, are educated, well-informed, listeners, effective in their undertakings, reflective, thoughtful, open minded, and non-tribal.

How do we, as a politically fragmented people, create a pathway forward for younger generations of Americans? What can be our collective legacy for making our democracy better, for reaffirming the defense and protection of freedom and liberty, and in becoming a more educated, civic-minded America?

Undeniably; we are in a new land:

During the first half of his tenure, the President of the United States has achieved remarkably in the midst of what came to be unprecedented challenges and demands upon his ability to deliver the ‘state of the nation’ in such a manner that it reaches

enough consensus to keep moving forward as one unit. According to one recent national poll noted today October 15th, 2018, the Presidents nation-wide approval rating of his work performance was 51%.

Here are some of the pressing priorities we have as a nation. Which is the most important?

(1)the rise of politically socially-progressive social and news media platforms,

(2) the loss of our Fourth Amendment rights due to the decades long corporate and governmental practice of collecting information on every single American citizen,

(3) the change in U.S. national political direction,

(4) the enigma of:

(a) national victories of President Trump, as his administration

(b) roiled in a hiring and firing of governmental officials during the first 12 months in office,

© the position of the President in the Executive Office being vehemently challenged by Congressional officials, corporate left-wing social news media, corporate-left entertainment industry, and the leading corporate human abortion entity across America and the world

(5) the new global American policy to put America first,

(6) the abrupt move to place America on a pro-life stance regarding the human rights of American citizens in the wombs,

(7) the practice of identity politics as a means of targeting American citizens as a supra-manner way of commandeering political campaign elections,

(8) the meddling of foreign countries in steering our elections of political representation across the land

(9) the addition of two constitutionally conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justices,

(10) the strategic importance of a greater political alignment of the executive, congressional, U.S. Supreme Court Justice within the time frame of the first 19 months of the current governmental administration

(11) the hostile, provocative and finally positive change in stance in North Korea’s communication to the U.S.A. and the world,

(12) the departure from acknowledging leftist ‘climate change’ environmental policy within the U.S. Government,

(13) the rapid rise of the U.S. Stock Market,

(14) the geo-political and cultural conversation about protecting the country from being entered illegally with massive numbers of people in relatively little time,

(15) building an actual Wall to protect the southern national border,

(15) the silent political change wave that is on the horizon now that 20 million Central Americans have migrated into North America over the last ten years,

(16) the recent rise in the number of mass shooting events across the country,

(17) the change in outpouring governmental action towards taking care of veterans, of which a majority represent a vital component to the political base of the current presidential administration,

(18) the growing demand of social responsibility as a cornerstone to a more empathic, capitalistic economic system, with privately-led social enterprises serving as drivers of economy, vision, and practical problem solving of local, national, and global community needs,

(19) the American geo-political switch in relation to the political perspective of the administration of the United Nations international organization,

(20) (a) the rapidly growing national debt of the U.S., and (b) the growing political practice of calling into question the need to retain the current economic bank management system paradigm to be the monitor and manager the national and global economy,

(21) (a) President Trumps restructuring the international treaty known as NAFTA, or the North American Free Trade Agreement, and (b) the restructuring in American policy with NATO, a military organization of Western countries,

(22) the ability of the American educational system, federal, state, local, and private to train the type of civically-minded American citizen professionals needed for the 21st century, (science, technology, entrepreneurship, math, engineering, S.T.E.M.E),

(23) resolving and finding pathway forward for U.S.-China relations,

(24) U.S. government acknowledgement of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the geo-political effects of this change in foreign policy,

(25) dealing with the effects of massive hurricanes, storms, forest/ community fires on a nation-wide scale,

(26) the dawning of a new national infrastructure building phase in America,

(27) having the U.S. Supreme Court speak and eventually vote to ensure new, ‘safety first,’ protocols in the formulation of ingredients in current vaccines administered within the United States of America; that it may lead to an immediate ‘full stop,’ of new autism diagnoses associated from current vaccine schedules until formulation of ingredients have been rendered harmless.

..all these issues combined to create a super storm threatening and supporting the very foundation that maintains the country together as one.

The political victories of the American Executive Office have largely rested on a ‘doggonish desire’ to deliver on key campaign promises, thus continually securing a base of support, with its greatest victory as of yet, only days ago, achieving none other than a seismic shift in legal perspective for the next 30–50 years…

…the securing of a constitutionally conservative majority of the highest legal bench in the land with two U.S. Supreme Court Justices, strategically shifting the legal balance of power towards a conservative interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.

Suddenly, the issue on where the constitutional rights of the American citizen begin has gained traction due to a resolution on such discourse has become more legally viable now due to the change in the balance of the constitutional perspective of the most supreme court. Two thousand five hundred humans have their lives ended every day through the corporate abortion industry in America, not counting the number of pregnant American women who take an abortion pill to terminate a pregnancy. That is about 15,000 a week and 60,000 abortions each month from all combined human abortion providers in the United States.

Given the list of social issues and realities besetting us as a nation, in order to move forward as one country, how should Americans improve on the social responsibility to

Frederick Douglass and William Lloyd Garrison, leading human rights citizen advocates

participate in democracy and be an integral compliment to local, national, and global community?

For America, it is ever so important to be one filled with individuals willing and able to be about protecting our freedoms and liberties.

The best way forward to addressing the wide variety of issues is to move slowly, yet take decisive steps in:

  • reforming educational curriculum to reflect a robust creation of civic participants and empathic capitalists
  • protect U.S. constitutional rights of all American citizens,

(a) starting in the womb,

(b) including the neurological safety protocol required to avert a 1 in 44 chance of being neurologically maimed by government sanctioned vaccine ingredients.

All other issues are important, but the human right to the safety of our life and intellect is like a broken-down wall at this time and it needs repair. Ultimately, that we may thus be able to continue to defend life and intellect to our fullest, most practical and articulate capacity.

Dad, Special Educator, Political Scientist, Writer. Instagram & YouTube: @CoachBill007