The Unanimous Good Of All Americans: A Study of America’s Successful Historical Tradition of Individual Economic Liberty

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8 min readOct 25, 2022


How we go about establishing long-term resilience in the American economy; avoiding war with Russia and China while protecting our national interest; asserting peace, and also safeguarding those historical traditions that have made the United States of America the last remaining superpower: how we approach these objectives sais more about our self-interests, than the actual task itself. The power of our vote as individuals, and the writing and speaking of sober-minded Americans can help inform the people, that they may at the end, having that more profound knowledge, make the right decision.

Is that enough protection for the preserving our American way of life that has allowed such tremendous economic prosperity being diversely distributed across the land? Understanding ‘what are’ & ‘how’ we established and solidified our traditional historical strengths that have formed such economic success is crucial for any voter, writer and speaker, that from that standpoint, they may provide the best, most informed work of defense and offense to the agendas of self-interest.

How was economic prosperity ‘diversely distributed?’ Was government the source of economy, or did the working of the tradition of our championing individual liberty create the economic space for entrance into the market? It is the freedom of the individual and our right; our individual ability to enter the ‘free market’ at any time that allows the potential possibility of economic success: the triumph or failure of our venture strengthening and fine-tuning the requirement of ingenuity and innovation, in order to have a chance at being successful. This is enterprise, entrepreneurship, and small business growth, and it is woven into America’s historical tradition of equal individual liberty: it is what we are about. Our economy; our capacity to earn a living through the creation of goods and services that are deemed as practical through the give and take of the ‘free market’ is the magic of America.

But our public schools are not teaching that anymore. Instead, they have altogether been nationalized; taken over with ideological mental colonization that shuns the critically thinking independent mind that is entrepreneurial and capitalist. Our public schools have been instructed to teach a doctrine that dwells on racial divisions and claims that people of white skin color are historical aggressors who must enter into an apologetic perspective of American history. Such education is no education at all. It is a passive-aggressive ploy to divide the people and emotionally-charge the nation. No longer is their a prioritization of individual self-determination that respects and values champions of liberty as George Washington, John Quincy Adams, Frederick Douglass, and Martin Luther King. Their is no teaching of the self-determination and actual writings of Abraham Lincoln. There is no focus on economic self-determination in our public schools.

We only have the intolerance of ‘wokeness,’ a pseudo-socialist ideology that is simply a swarm of national distractions that polarize the people from realizing the larger play: the Inflation Reduction Act of the Democrats precedes the stipulations of the World Bank’s 130 nation consortium called the Global Tax Umbrella Program: it requires internationalization of the tax wealth of sovereign nations to be channeled through international banks unto…development projects in Africa and Asia. It is neo-colonial economic control that finally arrives at its end point: a global power balance aimed at decentralizing the economic strength of the United States and individual sovereign European nations, that a new global order of international banks and quasi-socialist leadership may create a new business environment that favors their interests… their self-interests.

To effect this, the monetary and tax policy, along with a control of the energy markets of sovereign nations must be internationalized and placed under the command and control of these international bank and government institutions: it goes against the grain of America’s historical traditions; it goes against the spirit of our fundamental laws as established in 1776 and 1787, and it goes against the spirit of individual liberty and self-determination that has made America a nation with the greatest middle class wealth on the planet.

Time may flesh out the schemes of politicians, and the individual vote approves or disapproves of it: but what people can remain practical in their decision-making; in their thought process as they partake in the national conversation and ultimately, the right preservation of the United States, if critical thinking skills that render an independent-minded people are skewed and warped with ideologies from the time of their youth? What hope is their if the self-interest of an elite few nationalize a new set of educational norms to shift the values of a nation; soften and construct educational standards that play on racial divisions, emotionally-charge and politicize the people, and have them doubt the integrity of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution?

Well, in the spirit of the critical thinking, legal approach of Abraham Lincoln, whom understood that the unvarnished facts and construction of the slavery Democrats had to be laid out in the sun before the people, the effect of the choices, plans, and agendas of elected & chosen government officials surely must be brought forth into the people’s awareness, that our national conversation be informed of the trajectory of actions and constructed works of their true intentions.

But what of social media micro blog platforms whom we are beginning to understand, have colluded with the Democrats to censor national conversation on their internet platforms? Is it so that we must fight to get to the fight? Then let us count it all joy, for it will only strengthen our affinity and solemn unction to refine our defense, and bring greater agility of mind to preserve an American way of life that champions individual liberty, and the economic self-determination that is our right.

In the United States, the historical tradition of individuals being able to speak and write as a means of deconstructing and comparing agendas unto the fundamental laws, and the spirit of our laws as written and established in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution IS singular to our American historical tradition of liberty and justice for all. We need not switch our America for the socialist policies of an international order that denigrates the magnanimity of our Declaration of 1776 to bring together a people with such unanimity of spirit or the dynamism of our Constitution with its checks and balances: we need to defend it, and in that defense, we need to assert it.

To those who proclaim a new order for a new time, we must bring the living documents of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution and show them that these are written on parchment and in our hearts and minds. To those international banks and inernatonal government institutions who call for a centralization of economy, we must hold steadfast and unmovable in our liberty: bringing them proof of our individual economic ingenuity for business enterprise.

In terms of the ‘historical traditions’ of the United States and its people, are these not rooted in the formation of our nation starting with the Continental Congress, followed by the proclamation of our Declaration of 1776, and given its best construction in 1787 with the creation of our Constitution? Are we to look elsewhere to understand what foundation has made America exact its exceptionalism as a people of equitable liberty and justice for all, and that from this foundation of individual human rights, that we have experienced the historical tradition of an economic self-determination that has built the greatest and most prosperous middle class in the world?

Should we go ahead and upend it with new policies foreign to the tried and true fundamental standards that allowed us to become a superpower? But at this time, is it not so that President Biden and his Democrats in Congress are legislating and embroiling us into economic policies that are foreign to our historical economic tradition, and even having our legislators legislate alignment unto a dynamic that shuns America’s economic tradition with a ‘globalist’ approach that would re-disribute our middle class tax wealth unto foreign nations?

Is that not a strange and foreign concept for Americans?

What has become of the quality and flow of our national conversation that our awareness of such grave matters is not being addressed? What is this democracy that our national conversation is suppressed, spinned, and stunted to favor self-interest above the unanimous good of all the people? Should a few people decide what that ‘unanimous good’ should be, and in this ‘the many,’ or can we return to the original fundamental agreements that began our nation, and from that standard unanimity of national spirit proceed onward, that we may be able to further along and help conclude the best, most informed national conversation on achieving such a national and international dynamic?

The gentleness, slower pace of individual liberty is not to the liking of the international banks and international central governments, because it does not serve their financial bottom line, and if it does not, then their geopolitical strength has no anchor. So they seek the strength of the United States of America, and of England, and of European nations, and they seek the control of the energy markets and the centralization of as many economies as they can command. They want to affect and reap in their economic gains from upending the traditional energy markets of sovereign countries, and redeploy the tax wealth of nations immediately. They have big plans, and individual self-determination is not in their cards, nor is the preservation of the American way of life. Would it be so farfetched to say that they envy the last remaining superpower and seek to have control over it is economy?

The demand of a geopolitical and geoeconomic foresight free from ideological politization, that the unanimous good of the American family and individual may be reached is fundamental law (alter/ abolish) in our Declaration Of Independence, and is the heritage that must be defended from generation to generation. Will Americans be clever a serpents, and harmless as doves; will they be steadfast to join the national conversation and assert our shared historical, because our unanimity as a nation is being challenged, our economy and way of life is being played with, as are our living traditions that have kept us anchored as one nation for nearly 250 years.



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