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Their are two main threads that must join up, both being taught in grade school and onward, in order to render the professional labor work force most needed in the 21st century. Not looking onto local and national governments or international institutions for answers to social and environmental issues, but the individual undertaking of a business enterprise that banks on project-based mission of social good, encapsulates President John F. Kennedy’s call to have our thoughts and actions be about what we can do for each other, as opposed to what others, like the government, can do for us.

‘We’ are empowered to be the the answer creators we have been waiting for; the role of the government thus becomes more limited in this paradigm mindset, economic management levers rest with the individual according to the tenacity of their work effort and the social worthwhileness of their goals.

The First Thread

Empathic Capitalism is simply a acute form of describing what could be the most holistically successful economic model for the early 21st century. At its core, it is the practice of enterprising while prioritizing community social, cultural, environmental benefit foremost.

The Second Thread

Intellectual strength is a tool best formed through the direct academic creation of critical thinking citizens who are avowed defenders of American freedom and liberties. The best critical thinkers are open-minded, non-tribal, problem-solvers who listen, observe and reflect.

The Challenge To Understand What We Need To Learn

What lays ahead will be an economy that has a foot in the 20th century and one in the 21st. An economy, that from one perspective, will understand the benefit of social entrepreneurship as the best route to:

  1. create and support economies on an individual to global level
  2. for community-wide, social-emotional, and environmental health and healing. That is to say, individuals and community BENEFIT FROM THE PRACTICE OF endeavoring to create more economies through the work of strengthening and/ or beautifying the community

…and from the other perspective, it continues to operate with a 20th century ‘business-first’ focus. Undoubtedly, the stronger effect of a functioning social enterprising industry in the United States of America will not initially be its direct industry-wide capital power,

but the indirect cross-industry ‘pollination” of 21st century social enterprise practices and ideas. In such a manner, the capital power value of an empathic capitalistic economic model is derived itself from a growing segment of 20th century business model enterprises beginning to increasingly, and more resolutely, align with a social enterprise visions that give greater ‘purpose’ to companies of people. Such a sustained practice changes our social, emotional, and cultural state of mind and heart, ultimately powerful enough to offset and taper down the rise of individual acts of violence in the American society.

The Greatest Investment

In having a nation-wide educational curriculum that inculcates, not only a focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics academic learning, known as STEM, but an educational curriculum that teaches Social Entrepreneurship being the practical application of STEM as a social enterprise, we surely do empower American citizens to be creators of companies, and individual economies. This new ‘SE-STEM,’ of education creates a creative, innovative and independent labor force in the United States at a time of such great political divide.

Students practicing the core work of ‘pure’ empathic capitalism are practicing social entrepreneurship. Starting with having a ‘social good’ vision that is unique and individualized in purpose, schools should be aware to teach using a ‘project-based mode’ of work, which closely parallels how a social enterprising foundation or company operates. They take on missions, or undertakings, streamline logistics, and strategize how to scale effectively.

The most effective social entrepreneurs will be those who have received academic and professional support in being proficient in and bringing together their expertise in:

(1) critical thinking, oratory, and writing practice

(2) operate a business that has a clear social good purpose

(3) studying political science

(4) excelling in a chosen industry, trade, or profession

As it is, the 20th Century Economy:

  • is a cyclical economy that has a knack for forming what are known as economic bubbles, or specific industry monetary inflationary growth value, which later ‘deflate and lose economic steam and capital-value
  • has had these recurrent economic ‘boom and bust’ cycles being managed by national and international banking leadership teams for over 100 years

…and will itself begin to adapt to increasing conformance with the (1)good work purposes of a social enterprise economic model (2) sustained by nation-wide educational curriculum that (3) creates more social entrepreneurs, (4) leading to an increase of businesses ‘giving back’ to the community. This phenomenon will remain steadfast and continue to increase as the 21st century empathic capitalistic economy begins to get started, with its establishment beholden to the level of population scale it reaches as an integral and focal point of educational curriculum.

It is no grand realization then that the speed at which parents and communities call on educational policy makers to enact social enterprising into curriculum as the real-world economic application of:

  • science,
  • technology,
  • engineering,
  • mathematics,
  • trades, crafts, and professions

will eventually correlate with the secondary effect growth of empathic capitalistic

business projects and missions in American communities. States and school districtswill, in effect, be creating a ‘renaissance professional’ working class citizens. These citizens will then return the favor by applying their vision-focused, project-based enterprising to earn a living while helping people, community and environment.



Dad, Special Educator, Political Scientist, Writer. Instagram & YouTube: @CoachBill007

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Dad, Special Educator, Political Scientist, Writer. Instagram & YouTube: @CoachBill007